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Bob Kane

Born: 1915-10-24 - Died: 1998-11-03
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes

Death Summary: Died of natural causes, and was survived by his wife Elizabeth, his daughter, and grandson

Who was Bob Kane : Bob Kane was born Robert Kahn, but changed his name upon turning 18. He was born in New York City, New York. He became high school friends with another legendary comic book artist, Will Eisner. He studied art at Cooper Union, and joined the Max Fleischer Studio as a trainee.

Kane started his comic book art on a book titled "Wow, What A Magazine!" Upon his work on the book, he joined the studio Eisner & Iger, and worked on a few series for them.

In 1939, Superman was coming into his own with Action Comics which led to DC wanting to keep the success of the superhero genre going. This led to Bob Kane coming up with a character called "the Bat-Man". Kane's original Batman design featured a bright red costume, no gloves or gauntlets, a small domino mask, and two stiff wings which looked close to bat wings. Upon working with a writer by the name Bill Finger, the two would come to craft Batman as we know him today.

It was decided that Batman needed someone to fight crime with, as it was becoming repetitive to have him keep talking to himself. The idea of Robin was born from collaborative work between Bob Kane, Finger and a inker by the name of Jerry Robinson.

Around the same time as Robin, Batman's arch-nemesis was created - the Joker. The Joker's creation is up for debate. Bob Kane and Bill Finger were definitely involved in his creative process. The argument comes by way of Jerry Robinson, who claims he was much more instrumental in the creative process than Kane claims. The exact truth has never been proven either way.

Going into the 60's, Kane's work on Batman began to wane. He moved television animation, and created the characters Courageous Cat, and Cool McCool. He also began work as a painter, and submitted his work to galleries. He wrote two autobiographies titled "Batman and Me" and "Batman and Me, The Saga Continues".

Kane died from natural causes, and is survived by his wife Elizabeth, a daughter, and a grandson.
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4 Signatures in Bob Kane's guestbook

  1. Joe Dredd Says:

    This man was a creative genius whose effect on modern culture was far greater, and will last for far longer, than many of the people listed on this site. A great artist.



  3. fernando fontanez Says:

    please add the correct number to my listed phone number 773-441-7376 the three is missing after the seven and thank you fernando fontanez

  4. Tony Lux Says:

    Thank you Bob for bringing us Batman.

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