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Bob Guccione

Born: 1930-12-17 - Died: 2010-10-20
Cause of Death:
Lung Cancer

Death Summary: Guccione died in his home, succumbing to complications from lung cancer

Who was Bob Guccione : If one word could describe Bob Guccione, it's contradiction. Early in life he had tried joining a seminary, and then tried to make it as an artist. Before finally finding success as the founder and publisher of Penthouse Magazine. To those who knew him, Guccione was a polarizing personality. He was known to be loyal and kind one moment, and then cold or distant the next.

Guccione's Penthouse publication began in 1965 in England. Four years later, Guccione would expand the Penthouse empire to the United States. From the outset, Penthouse was Guccione's rival to Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine. While both showed nude, and exposing photos of women, Penthouse always took it to a level beyond what Playboy was offering. From the more sensational editorials, to highly exposed bodies of the women. Early in the magazine's publication there was low revenue, which led to Guccione photographing many of the women himself.

While Guccione's business was based on depravity, his personal life was completely opposite. While Hefner was known for wild parties, Guccione's house is reported to have been very calm and laid back.

During the 1980's, Penthouse reached the pinnacle of its success. Mostly for providing explicit photos of popular celebrities, the most notably being Madonna and Vanessa Williams.

While Penthouse had a long run of a success, the company eventually went bankrupt. Guccione would eventually file for bankruptcy, due to many failed investments throughout his career. The most popular being his financial backing of the controversial movie, Caligula.

Guccione is survived by five children, and his latest wife April Guccione.
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  1. Sadee Says:

    Sadee Anderson

  2. Baboonologist Says:

    Thank you got those touching words Sadie. It melts the heart and soul in this time of need.

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