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Bill Gwatney

Born: 1959-08-26 - Died: 2008-08-13
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Gwatney was in his office at the Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas when he was shot and killed.

The shooter, Tim Johnson entered the building and said that he wanted to talk to Gwatney about volunteering, but then walked around the secretary, found him and shot him. He was taken to the hospital (the same one where Roy Scheider had died earlier in the year) and passed away there.

Johnson left in a truck leading the police on a 30-mile chase out of town. He was then shot by the cops, which led to him wrecking the truck and later dying from his injuries.

Who was Bill Gwatney : William "Bill" Gwatney was the State Chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas. He was a superdelegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and had previously served as a State Senator and Attorney General for Arkansas.

He was also a businessman who owned several Arkansas car dealerships.
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4 Signatures in Bill Gwatney's guestbook

  1. Dr. Turi Says:

    The Dragon Took such a nice soul. May god Bless your soul.

    Dr. Turi


  2. david gasca Says:

    Im very sad about this,life can be hard im sure he is in a better place.

  3. craig Says:

    Comment on Gwatneys death on WND

  4. Abdo Says:

    Did Bill Clinton really ensorde Romanoff? Or just appear to . Clinton had sent ripples through the Colorado Democratic Party over the summer by sending out an ensordement letter for Bennet rival Andrew Romanoff . Clinton’s ensordement letter was about all Clinton did for Romanoff. There was probably a reason for it. Romanoff backed Clinton’s wife, so Big Bill had to be seen as helping Romanoff.SO, why did Bill Clinton bother to ensorde Andrew Romanoff in the first place IF HE Wasn’t Going To Make Campaign Appearances for Romanoff? He has traveled all over making appearances for ConservaDems with multiple appearances for Senator Blanch Lincoln in Arkansas and against the more progressive Halter.Perhaps Appearances are everything when your purpose is to keep the US Senate as ConservaDem as possible, and the place where progressive legislation goes to die. Romanoff wasn’t wanted by the Washington Establishment because he is A LOT more progressive than Michael Bennet.Wanting an Honest Primary in 2012 is not a grudge thing. A protest vote against a Stolen Primary is an honorable and legal vote. Questionable Romanoff supporters like Clinton can continue to disparage us but the facts show that Democratic President Obama, with the assistance of the DNC, DSCC and Organizing for America, Stole our Colorado Democratic Senate Primary.Get the facts at A Protest Vote will help keep Washington Democrats from stealing our primary again.WRITE-IN Romanoff or LEAVE THE SPACE BLANK

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