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Bela Lugosi

Born: 1882-10-20 - Died: 1956-08-16
Cause of Death:
Heart Attack

Death Summary: Lugosi passed away from a heart attack on his couch in his home in Los Angeles at the age of 73.

He had been in the middle of making Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space co-starring Maila Nurmi (widely considered the worst movie ever made), and is rumored to have been holding a script for an upcoming Ed Wood movie "The Final Curtain" when he died.

Lugosi was buried in one of his Dracula capes, although he did not request this himself. It was his family who chose to dress him in it.

He was replaced in Plan 9 by Ed Wood's wife's chiropractor, who covers the lower half of his face throughout the film to conceal the fact that he is not Lugosi.

Who was Bela Lugosi : Béla Lugosi was a Hungarian actor who starred in a variety of old horror films, some classic, some not so classic.

In his prime, he of course played the legendary Count Dracula (a character based on a combination of Vlad the Impaler and the Countess Elizabeth Bathory from a book by Bram Stoker) and though the character has been played by other actors over the decades, he is still the face most often associated with the most famous vampire of all time.
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15 Signatures in Bela Lugosi's guestbook

  1. Dementia Blank Says:

    you were the best of Draculas

  2. brenda daniels Says:

    One of my all time favorite actors

  3. Jonathan Axline Says:

    Legendary actor, despite his morphine addiction, he was able to get his acting career back on track through Ed Wood

  4. tish Says:

    the absolute best dracula fantastic actor

  5. AnonymousGirl Says:

    Undead, Undead, Undead

  6. tim Says:

    best dracula ever

  7. Stryn Says:

    If you are selling your used car, you want to get the best value.


  8. robert dais Says:


  9. robert dais Says:

    the count is always in the house

  10. Jeff Davidson Says:

    On August 16th,Bela will have been in his grave 55 yrs.Perhaps he will rise again, since his memorabilia outsells Karloff’s.”I don’t drink..wine”

  11. Michelle Coleman Says:

    my favorite actor ever!

  12. Daniel Van Ness Says:

    We’ll always remember him as Dracula saying the following quotes: “Look into my eyes……”

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    i think i’m in love. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  14. Victor RamosGlez Says:

    Your such of wonderfull, great actor for always !!!

  15. David Doyle Says:

    Bela you are Dracula.

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