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Bea Arthur

Born: 1922-05-13 - Died: 2009-04-25
Cause of Death:
Cancer, not confirmed though

Death Summary: Beatrice Arthur died peacefully in her Greater Los Angeles Area home in the early morning hours of April 25, 2009. She had been suffering from cancer for some time, but it's unsure if this is the result of her death.

Who was Bea Arthur : Arthur was a comedian, singer and actress who is probably best known for her roles in the widely popular television shows Maude and The Golden Girls.

In 1972 Arthur was cast as the title character in the series entitled Maude. In the series, Maude lived in the community of Tuckahoe, Westchester County, New York with her husband Walter and divorced daughter Carol. The show was a spin-off from All in the Family.

In 1985 Arthur was cast as Dorothy Zbornak, a divorced substitute living in Miami with three other sassy old ladies. In the show Estelle Getty was cast as her mother, even though Getty was a year younger than Arthur in real life. The Golden Girls was a huge hit, it remained in the top 10 for six seasons.

Later in life she made guest apperances on Malcom in the Middle, and she also made an apperance in the HBO television show Curb Your Enthusiasm.
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67 Signatures in Bea Arthur's guestbook

  1. Anonymouse Says:


  2. Lisa Says:

    a soft gentle soul who knew how to make us laugh. Will miss her greatly!

  3. Don Says:

    one of the greatest, if not the greatest, commediennes of our time …I could always count on her to make me laugh, especially when it was most difficult…she will be missed… she was one in a lifetime.

  4. Juliane Romanenko Says:

    You where a great lady who I love to watch every gold girl show you ever made. I love you, will miss you even those we never met you were like a grandmother to me you will be miss dearly Julianne

  5. Sarah Says:

    We’ll miss you, Bea! What an awesome lady!

  6. Mary Says:

    You gave my mother & myself countless hours of pleasure!

  7. Erica Edwards Says:

    Our Hearts and Prayer go out to the family and friends of Bea..We will MISS you very much..Love to all..

  8. Roberta Says:

    I’ve have watched re-run after re-run of Golden Girls. Seen you play in Maud, and All in the Family and I still can not stop laughing. You will be sorely missed. I will keep watching the Golden Girls.

  9. Dreama Says:

    I have always loved the Golden girls and also loved Maude when she played on Maude….I still watch the Golden Girls,i love them all on it…See u in Heaven Bea….Love Dreama

  10. david adams-smith Says:

    i am sadden by the death of one of my favorite actors of all time. ms. arthur left a wonderful and rich legacy for everyone to enjoy. she was and always will be a golden girl and the one and only maude. my heart goes out to her family and to the die hard fans like me who has lost a great family member…rest in peace ms. arthur please….

  11. Ingrid Brown Says:

    I have always enjoy watching you. You will be miss may God be with the family.

  12. Nikki Says:

    A true comedic genius whose comedic timing was priceless. A classic. God Bless Bea. Rest in Peace

  13. John Says:

    I loved you as “Maude” but loved you even more as “Dorothy” On the “Golden Girls”. My goodness, you just don’t know how much we all will miss you, thank you for so many laughs…rest in peace friend.

  14. DONNA Says:

    dear bea`s family i loved your mother very much i will miss her so much god bless you all

  15. DONNA Says:

    dear bea family i love the golden girls show i will buy very one of the dvd`s i have season 7 the show was so funny i love all of the woman on the show god bless you all ( betty and rue hi so sorry for your losed of two friend (bea and estelle i will you both bery much so many of my fave stars died god bless everyone on tv by donna i love you all tv star all of you young and old(xxx000)

  16. leslie m. lauscher Says:

    What a wonderful lady Bea was,I watched the show all of the time,you are greatly missed and loved.

  17. Jim Says:

    As a fan of Maude, All in the Family, and finally Th Golden Girls, you (Bea) have always made me laugh and you will be missed dearly. The mold was completely destroyed after you were created, We will miss you…

  18. Exie Kelley Says:

    we all will miss u soo much !! me and my mom loved watching ur show!!WE ALL KNOW THAT U R NOT SUFFIRNG ANYMORE AND U ARE IN A WAY BETTER PLACE !! :) RIP ‚ô•Exie

  19. :) Says:


  20. deyannie Says:

    I used to watch bea when i was young she was my favorite actress like her wittyness and her way with word on the golden girls she’s the true reason why i like the show now i have my whole family watching it

  21. jaz64 Says:

    living in the Uk, I have just found out about this lovely lady’s passing.

    Certainly missed here… Rest In Peace Bea, xx

  22. Chris Bubb Says:

    God bless you Bea, you brought laughter and joy to so many in your lifetime, myself included. I will always love you, Dorothy Zbornak!

  23. Jerry L. Williams Says:

    Loved her in the Golden Girls. Could always bring a laugh. Still watch the reruns.

  24. Charles A. Giddings Says:

    Bea was a great actress. She gave me great joy to watch her on the Golden Girls. Bea was great also in other shows. See you in heaven.

  25. Stacy Says:

    Another death I had not heard about until now. She will be missed by so many. God bless.

  26. Linda Coats Says:

    your were like my second mother ,you reminded me of her in so many way, I still watch your rerun shows and love you very much, God hold you close

  27. Ramon C Prendergast Says:

    You are truly a “Golden girl” and the hysterics you created in “Soap” was quite a foam and bubbly. I will miss you Bea.

  28. princess latrisha Says:

    i love you. when people ask me to describe myself i just say that i’m all four of the golden girls rolled up in one1 that’s crazy isn’t it!

  29. Katie Says:

    She was amazing and i loved her in the golden girls!! I still watch that show!! you will be missed!

  30. keisha fantroy Says:

    I’m a big fan of yours Bea! Even in death I watch your shows still. We miss and love you

  31. Rhiannon Says:

    I loved her on the show Golden Girls. She was my favorite character. :(

  32. CONNIE Says:


  33. Michael B Says:

    Actually I had seen Bea at the Booth Theater , in her one woman show, she was wonderful , She was the best!!! sadly missed forever .. MB

  34. myriam Says:

    still missing you’re great sense of style and humour in the acting industry. Wishing you were still with us. You will be forever missed

  35. gerald Says:

    Bea was one of those legendary actors that could move people just by her spoken voice.

  36. Brittney Says:

    aww i loved watching her on Golden Girls…Thats so sad

  37. marie tolentino Says:

    .loved reruns of GOLDEN GIRLS,loved bea,estelle,rue and betty…..

  38. jennie Says:

    You will always be in our heart love you <3

  39. catherine davis Says:

    wow i loved u and hope u rest in peace u poor soul

  40. Sonja K Says:

    Bea, I luv’d all your sitcoms my favoritest 1 is of course The Golden Girls…U an Estelle, I’m sure r makin everybody laf up there…Great Lady 4ever in my heart….R.I.P. Sonja Kever,Kennewick,WA

  41. Velma Bruchmiller Says:

    She was a funny woman, I enjoyed watching Maude, and The Golden Girls. Bea was a person you can relate to, she is in all of us. She will be missed alot. May God be with your family always.

  42. leo Says:

    So sad that she’s gone. I a true entertainer, not many left RIP

  43. Gordon Rigney Says:

    icant believe you are gone but you did leave us with a lifetime of memories and laughter thank you and rest in the arms of our LORD JESUS CHRIST

  44. Darren Openshaw Says:

    god bless bea love you thinking of the family lots of love and prayers from manchester uk x

  45. sherry saultz Says:


  46. cathy Says:

    love to all se u on tv truely will be miss.

  47. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    She was- more than a woman. RIP Bea!

  48. James Waller Says:

    Golden girl you are missed. I never missed one of those shows.You and the others were just great. “Thanks for being a Friend” We miss you in Okla.

  49. taylor williams Says:


  50. Elizabeth Breeding Says:

    you was amazing R.I.P

  51. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    Oh Bea Arthur….What can I say….You are Missed….The whole world misses you…
    I wish they would Put the Maude Series on TV again….That was so Innovative and ahead of its time back then….You are loved and missed

  52. patrisia j. Says:

    Loved you so much in golden girls, when i wanted to relax and feel at home your show was the one! Love, patrisia j.

  53. Andrew C Says:

    Bea, what an amazing lady!! I myself watch re run after re run of the Golden girls and love to watch your wonderful talent. You were one of a kind, it’s true god only takes the best. RIP sweetheart.

  54. Sue Keller Says:

    This Golden Girl will be soarly missed, I watch the reruns every day and still laugh at her, that show actually puts me in a good mood. RIP Dorothy

  55. karen Says:

    you made me laugh no matter what kind of mood I was in and you will be missed

  56. Herb Says:

    Her timing was impeccable; equal to or greater than the Grand Master, Jack Benny. We’ll miss you Bea!

  57. LIZ adames Says:

    remember maude, and the golden girls, so funny. you will be missed.

  58. susan robinson Says:

    Loved her in the Golden Girls.

  59. kimberly villareal Says:

    i like the show golden girls, and always watch the rerun, she was funny, and a good actress

  60. suzanne Says:

    one in a million—–missed greatly—nobody did it better————–sing with the angels

  61. jgallucqugkbs@aol.com Says:

    bea,you were great from maude to the golden girls there will never be any actress who could take your place for witt & acting in a comedy series i miss you god bless you r.i.p say hello to blance & sofia they were also great miss you everyday.

  62. jgallucqugkbs@aol.com Says:

    Bea, I’ve loved you for years,from the maude series to the golden girls.You was a great actress. I miss you everytime i watch the golden girls.You were the rock of the show,As good as the others were,and they were great. God Bless You,and peace be with you. i will miss the laughter. goodbye Dorothy Bless You.

  63. Lady Minerva Says:

    A beautiful soul taken. Forever I will miss you – I will continue to follow your morals, etc. Bless you Bea Arthur, for your role in The Golden Girls as Dorothy Zborniak kept me from sinking into the black pits of postpartum depression. May your soul rest for eternity. I hope you’ve found your way in Paradise.

  64. Davey Vela Says:

    I thought you were one of the best and funniest ladies in the theatre. Loved you rest in Peace



  66. cherese Says:

    what an amazing woman…. if only i had a granny with her sense of humour… RIP

  67. Heanes Says:

    She had a massive penis.

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