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Art Linkletter

Born: 1912-07-17 - Died: 2010-05-26
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes

Death Summary: Linkletter wasn't diagnosed with any life-threatening disease. His son-in-law stated he had been ill the past few weeks, and the aging process was taking its toll.

Who was Art Linkletter : Art Linkletter was a famous television personality who brought about many new and fresh ideas to the TV medium. He was most famous for the shows House Party, which ran 25 years and People Are funny, that ran for 19 years. His shows involved a heavy amount of audience participation, gags, and entertaining uncertainty.

Linkletter was originally born, Gordon Arthur Kelly. He was later adopted, and took up his adopted name - Linkletter. He caught his big break in entertainment while attending college in San Diego. While earning his degree in teaching he begun work as a radio announcer for KGB in San Diego.

In the 40's, Linkletter worked to launch the radio show, People Are Funny. The show involved audience participation, gags, and the funny nature of people. The show would eventually come to the small screen in 1954, and ran until 1961. During the show's run, Linkletter appeared in two movies - People Are Funny, and Champagne For Caesar.

Along with People Are Funny, Linkletter hosted a show called House Party. It was also a variety show which utilized real life situations of people to garner laughs and entertainment. The show's most popular feature was the interviewing of children, which would spin off into the book 'Kids Say The Darndest Things'. In the span of 70 years between 1895-1965, 'Kids Say The Darndest Things' was the 15th best selling book.

Along with his entertainment career, Linkletter was a successful businessman. He made considerable wealth from healthy investments, which led to Linkletter making sizable donations to many causes.

For a man who made a business from making people laugh, his personal life was quite sad. Linkletter had three of his children die during his span of life. His daughter, Diane Linkletter, died by suicide. His son Robert, died in a car accident. Finally, his older son Arthur died of lymphoma in 2007.
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13 Signatures in Art Linkletter's guestbook

  1. Jan Says:

    I remember your radio shows as a kid. Some of those children you interviewed really did say the darndest things. Rest in peace, Art — and keep those angels laughing ….

  2. Ron Says:

    Art, you were the best! I clearly recall your great shows back when I was a kid. RIP. I hope to see you there and finally get to meet you in person. πŸ™‚

  3. Larry Richardson Says:

    Going to miss you Art. I had a chance to interview you last year in your office for several hours and I loved every moment. Thanks for making me laugh from watching your TV shows and from talking with you one on one. What a guy!

  4. Velma Bruchmiller Says:

    I grew up watching Kids say the darndest things,I thought that was the greatest show ever,they don’t make shows like that any more. Art will be missed alot. May God be with your family always.

  5. Suzi Muliolis Says:

    Thank you Art for being the sweetheart of a guy that you were!! My parents will always treasure the autographed pic of you! Thanks so much! I hope you are enjoying Heaven! πŸ™‚

  6. Nancy Martin Says:

    Art and his wife were in line w/us at 6 flags/TX one year. They laughed and joked w/us all the time.Both were so gracious and I loved him as a great entertainer.

  7. Brooke Travis Says:

    I watched his shows as well when they would run on tv and on youtube. I’ve also read some of his books. We lost a wise man. RIP Mr. Linkletter!

  8. john hardaker Says:

    obviously I know of the name,,as a child I remember “People are Funny”,the tributes are so touching xxxx

  9. john hardaker Says:

    I meant to say….I remember..the British version on Radio Luxembourg in the fifties.I also recall an ‘I Love Lucy”(didn’t we all!)episode where Lucy would win a prize on T.V.if she remained silent for 24 hours..Ethel would win the same prize,if she could get Lucy to break her silence.Hilarious family television.keep in touch with your memories and good luck to all teams in the world cup…my sons are fetching some beers over to watch England ‘v’ America,,so I’ll be dispatched into the garden to plant …er….some planys xxxx

  10. anthony Glasser Says:

    loved his shows growing up, watching with my dad. great man great times

  11. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    Art words cannot describe the loss of You.major part of My childhood…….and do not doute that your face on TV does Mean alot to a child….You are a Back with Your Loved ones…God Bless you….You made a difference….I know you will never doubt Yourself again…Huggs and Much Love Lisa
    …So Very sorry to hear of the Loss to the World…God will take good care of them….Their Passing is Never easy…I know..It is never easy..Blessings to the Family…
    Sincerely,Lisa Palmgren Hogg

  12. Just Bob Says:


  13. Henry Says:

    I have to grab the skill level within to thank bureys regarding skilled professional information Could very well consistently took pleasure choices yuor web blog. We’re eager for the type of start with regards to get as well as college explore effectively entire process research would not seem to have been comprehensive devoid of on onto your blog site. Generally if i have been from any assist with other folks, I am gracious that may help of what May possibly discovered from this level.

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