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  • Stevie Ray Vaughan: Born: 1954-10-03 - Died: 1990-08-27
    Stevie Ray Vaughan is considered by  many to be one of the greatest guitar players who ever lived. He played a brand of blues-rock that is often imitated, and Vaughan’s songs still get heavy radio airplay to this day. He battled drug and alcohol problems, but as many rock stars would meet their demise from [...]
    Sid Caesar: Born: 1922-09-08 - Died: 2014-02-12
    Sid Caesar was a comedian and actor most well-known for the shows Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour, and as Coach Calhoun in Grease. Caesar won two Emmy wards and was nominated for eight others.
    Dino Bravo: Born: 1949-08-06 - Died: 1993-03-11
    Bravo was an Italian-born Canadian wrestler and self proclaimed “World’s Strongest Man”. His wrestling name “Dino Bravo” came from a tag team from the early 1960’s. Bravo began his wrestling career in 1970, and was trained by Gino Brito, and often worked as part of a tag team with his teacher. By the late 1970’s [...]
    Vlad III the Impaler: Born: 1431-11-14 - Died: 1476-12-??
    Vlad III the Impaler also known as Vlad Vlad Ţepeş, Vlad Dracula, and Dracula was the Prince of Wallachia reigning in 1448, from 1456-1462, and 1476. His reign was a reign of terror according to many legends. He is said to have tortured and impaled thousands of men, women, and children on stakes. Many of [...]
    Anne Pressly: Born: 1982-01-01 - Died: 2008-10-25
    Pressly was news anchor for KATV Channel 7 in Little Rock, Arkansas. She had worked at the station since May 2004. She also had a small part in the Oliver Stone movie W. where she played Ann Coulter.
    Wilt Chamberlain: Born: 1936-08-21 - Died: 1999-10-12
    Wilton Norman Chamberlain was a professional basketball player who played for the Warriors, the 76ers, the Lakers, and even the Harlem Globetrotters. At 7 foot 1 inch, many consider him to be one of the best basketball players in history. After basketball, he became sort of a jack-of-all-trades. He played Volleyball and was even a [...]
    Donald Pleasence: Born: 1919-10-05 - Died: 1995-02-02
    Pleasence was well-known as the James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld from “You Only Live Twice”, a character that is the obvious inspiration for Mike Myer’s Austin Powers villain Dr. Evil, but Pleasence is probably even more well-known for his ties to a different Mike Myers. <br><br> That would of course be Michael Myers of [...]
    Stan Case: Born: 1952-11-01 - Died: 2011-11-22
    Case was a lawyer and broadcast journalist who was probably best known as the news anchor of CNN Radio from 1985 – 2011.
    Horatio Nelson: Born: 1758-09-29 - Died: 1805-10-21
    Lord Nelson entered the British navy as a midshipman and reached the rank of admiral. In different encounters he lost both an arm and an eye. In 1805 he commanded the British fleet at Trafalgar the naval battle which established British supremacy of the seas, where he was killed. His body was taken back to [...]
    Patrice O’Neal: Born: 1969-12-07 - Died: 2011-11-28
    O’Neal was a stand-up comedian, radio personality, and actor. He was known for his confrontational style, often times he would play couples against each other. Primarily a stand-up comic, O’Neal made his Def Comedy Jam debut in 2007. Later he performed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Late Show With David Letterman, and The [...]