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  • Vlad III the Impaler: Born: 1431-11-14 - Died: 1476-12-??
    Vlad III the Impaler also known as Vlad Vlad Ţepeş, Vlad Dracula, and Dracula was the Prince of Wallachia reigning in 1448, from 1456-1462, and 1476. His reign was a reign of terror according to many legends. He is said to have tortured and impaled thousands of men, women, and children on stakes. Many of […]
    Erica Blasberg: Born: - Died: 2010-05-09
    Blasberg was born in Orange, California but was raised in Corona. During her high school days she played on the boys’ golf team. She attended the University of Arizona where she quickly became the country’s number 1 ranked college player as a freshman. She compiled six victories before leaving in her sophomore year to turn […]
    Chris Benoit: Born: 1967-05-21 - Died: 2007-06-24
    Christopher Michael Benoit was a Canadian wrestler whose career was greatly celebrated by wresting fans, but whose reputation took a sharp u-turn over the course of a weekend once he murdered his family and killed himself. He wrestled from 1985 to 2007 in the WCW, the WWF/WWE, and ECW sometimes using names like The Rabid […]
    Raul Julia: Born: 1940-03-09 - Died: 1994-10-24
    Raúl Rafael Juliá y Arcelay (more commonly known as Raul Julia) was a Puerto Rican Actor who appeared in a number of American films. Notable films included Tequila Sunrise, Presumed Innocent, Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Mack the Knife, the Adams Family, and Addams Family values. His last film before the aforementioned Down Came the Blackbird, […]
    Horatio Nelson: Born: 1758-09-29 - Died: 1805-10-21
    Lord Nelson entered the British navy as a midshipman and reached the rank of admiral. In different encounters he lost both an arm and an eye. In 1805 he commanded the British fleet at Trafalgar the naval battle which established British supremacy of the seas, where he was killed. His body was taken back to […]
    Albert Fish: Born: 1870-05-19 - Died: 1936-01-16
    Albert Fish is widely considered one of America’s most perverse and notorious serial killers, perhaps even more vile than Jeffrey Dahmer, being how Fish focused primarily on young children. He was a sexual predator, a sado-masochist, a torturer, and a cannibal who killed at least five children, though he claimed to either have molested or […]
    Stevie Ray Vaughan: Born: 1954-10-03 - Died: 1990-08-27
    Stevie Ray Vaughan is considered by  many to be one of the greatest guitar players who ever lived. He played a brand of blues-rock that is often imitated, and Vaughan’s songs still get heavy radio airplay to this day. He battled drug and alcohol problems, but as many rock stars would meet their demise from […]
    Jeffrey Dahmer: Born: 1960-05-21 - Died: 1994-11-28
    Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer  was one of America\’s most notorious serial killers who is well known for picking up gay men at bars and taking them back to his apartment where he tortured, performed experiments on, murdered and ate his victims. He took the lives of seventeen known victims in Wisconsin and Ohio from 1978 to […]
    Elizabeth Báthory: Born: 1560-08-07 - Died: 1614-08-21
    Countess Elizabeth Báthory (Báthory Erzsébet in Hungarian) was a member of the Royal Family of Hungary, and is credited as the most prolific serial killer in history. She is often called “The Blood Countess” due to legends that she used to bathe in the blood of virgins as a means of preserving her youth, although […]
    Sid Caesar: Born: 1922-09-08 - Died: 2014-02-12
    Sid Caesar was a comedian and actor most well-known for the shows Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour, and as Coach Calhoun in Grease. Caesar won two Emmy wards and was nominated for eight others.