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  • Dave Mirra: Born: 1974-04-04 - Died: 2016-02-04
    Dave Mirra was an extreme sports athlete known for his BMX bicycle career and rally car racing. He held the record for most X Games medals until 2013. He was medalled in every X Games from 1995 to 2009.
    Maurice White: Born: 1941-12-19 - Died: 2016-02-03
    Maurice White was a singer-songwriter and musician known as the founder of Earth, Wind & Fire. He won seven Grammys and was nominated for 21. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    Joe Alaskey: Born: 1952-04-17 - Died: 2016-02-03
    Joe Alaskey was an actor, comedian, and voice artist best known as a successor to Mel Blanc for the voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety and others from Loony Tunes. He also voiced Grandpa Lou Pickles on Rugrats.
    George “Crackhead Bob” Harvey: Born: 1959-na-na - Died: 2016-02-01
    George “Crackhead Bob” Harvey was a radio personality best known as a member of the Wack Pack on The Howard Stern Show.
    Frank Finlay: Born: 1926-08-06 - Died: 2016-01-30
    Frank Finlay was an Oscar-nominated actor best known for his roles as Iago in Othello and Jacob Marley’s ghost in A Christmas Carol.
    Jacques Rivette: Born: 1928-03-01 - Died: 2016-01-29
    Jacques Rivette was a French filmmaker and film critic associated with the French New Wave movement. Films included: Paris Belongs to Us, The Nun, Mad Love, Out 1: Don’t Touch Me, Celine and Julie Go Boating, Duelle, NoroĆ®t, Merry-Go-Round, Le Pont du Nord, Love on the Ground, Wuthering Heights, Gang of Four, La Belle, Noiseuse, […]
    Signe Toly Anderson: Born: 1941-09-15 - Died: 2016-01-28
    Signe Toly Anderson was one of the founding members of Jefferson Airplane. She was the band’s original singer and sang with it through 1966.
    Paul Kantner: Born: 1941-03-17 - Died: 2016-01-28
    Paul Kantner was a musician best known as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter as well founding member of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship. He also played banjo and harmonica.
    Abe Vigoda: Born: 1921-02-24 - Died: 2016-01-26
    Abe Vigoda was an actor best known for roles like Sal Tessio in The Godfather and Phil Fish on Barney Miller. He was also in many other films and television shows including The Stuff, Look Who’s Talking, Prancer, Joe Versus the Volcano, North, Underworld, Good Burger, Wings, MacGyver, and many more.
    Marvin Minsky: Born: 1927-08-09 - Died: 2016-01-24
    Marvin Minsky was a cognitive scientist, widely considered to be a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. He was also the co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AI laboratory and the author of various materials on the subject.