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Antoine Lavoisier

Born: 1743-08-26 - Died: 1794-05-08
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Lavoisier was captured, with 27 others, during the The Reign of Terror in the French revolution. He was tried in May 8, 1794 and sentenced to death. Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry, was guillotined that same day. He was 51.

Who was Antoine Lavoisier : French chemist known as the father of modern chemistry.
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85 Signatures in Antoine Lavoisier's guestbook

  1. lashaya Says:

    yeah i have done reserch on this guy and i think he is a pimp mann :)))))

  2. lashaya Says:

    he is a great character he has changed soooo much in the political and scientific world :]

  3. cuhriii Says:

    totally man. he’s pretty.. awesome’?

  4. Billiejo Teegardin Says:

    When i had to studie Antoine Lavoisier for a science project i was fasanated by the things that happened in his life. I could not stop reading about everything. I went on past my project and kept learning more about Antonie.

  5. Ryan niehoff Says:

    he is pretty ballin

  6. Melané Says:

    what a genius!! Finally putting to bed the theary of ‘the Greek elemenst”..a theory that had gone nowhere for thousands of years…..(Robert Winston – It`s Elemantary p17)

  7. Melané Says:

    what a genius!! Finally putting to bed the theory of “the Greek elements”..a theory that had gone nowhere for thousands of years…..(Robert Winston – It`s Elementary p17)

  8. James Says:

    Like Billiejo, I too had to study him for a science project. I thought he would be a boring guy at first but hes actually very interestng. Hes great to look into and there was so much info on him, I got the highest grade in my class. Way to go Antoine!

  9. ⌂⌂Annie⌂⌂ Says:

    He Sure Was a Nice Man!!
    I Miss Him……

  10. cameron skonhovd Says:

    He had an awesome life

  11. Geri M Says:

    aww i dont now who you are but its alrightt!

  12. ***ʎdǝǝd‾lɹnƃ*** Says:

    Same i thought it would be so boring doin this essay but it paid off i made a 210 out of 100 so i got 110 bonus points and my 2 favorite teachers and 3 of my best friends all got to go to silver dollar city for 2 school days

  13. Julius Alcantara Says:

    ah.. how sad.. you’ve shared all your intelligence and knowledge to make our lives more comfortable.

  14. magnut Says:

    han suger som bare det men jeg synes det er litt rart

  15. Lucy Says:

    I’m studying him for a Science homework and I haven’t found this information useful. I’d like to find out why he was beheaded.

  16. bahpimp Says:

    his curly moustache hanged him from the effiel tower
    “oh dave we’ve nearly killed hold on a little bit”

  17. Skylar Betchhh Says:

    He’s a pedofile

  18. diksha sharma Says:

    hii i am doing a reserch on this guy……

    i think he’s pretty awesome

  19. diku Says:

    i am done with my project that i was doing about Antoine….he’s awesome………i am still reading about him…..

  20. Rachel Says:

    I am researching this dude.. He is pretty ugly.

  21. Saladfingers Says:

    I wanna bang him!!!!!!!

  22. mr.birkholz Says:

    this guy is a creep but he is pretty sexyyy lol!!!

  23. Saladfingers Says:

    Science class is soo boring!

  24. marissa nordyke Says:


  25. Erika Perez Says:

    I love Marissa Nordyke!!!!!!!!!!

  26. andrew merrit Says:

    i freaking love this guy i would so bang him if he was alivee

  27. Stacey Glanz Says:

    This dude’s a BAMF!!!!

  28. bunnysniffer Says:

    i would so bang this guyyyy harder

  29. aaron gogel Says:

    dude i fuck this guy till he couldnt take my sexy self anymore

  30. Fraser Says:

    Wooooo you rock

  31. coq in anuse69 Says:

    he is a faget

  32. chemist Says:


  33. alannah Says:

    Wow that is scary !!!

  34. Cami Says:

    Well I’m doing a report in my science glass on him so this is a good thing to know!!!!

  35. sophie Says:

    yo. this book looks like a bibile

  36. ivona rousseva Says:

    Quite interesting really :)

  37. Syeda2exyyy Says:

    im doing research on this guy now. need to do a obituary 4 ma science init.. sooo boringgg lykk .. but yeh sikk guyy! 😉

  38. ftyk Says:


  39. Nari Says:

    He had a lot of knowledge. Us students need to respect him, instead of making weird comments. Anyways, his discoveries were awesome !

  40. domo lover Says:

    i think he is ok but i think teacher killed by giving us homework on him

  41. kARTMAN Says:

    i just came across his name in my chemistry text book… but he was probably awesome, so hats off to him… =D

  42. Flora Says:

    who is this man he’s quite cool but i cant even pronounce his name like meggaaa lolzzz 😀 i am so cool

  43. Getrude Fuzzlebuzzle Says:

    R.I.P Big fella

  44. thilak Says:

    she history

  45. Mary Young Says:

    My grandsos chose Antoine Lavoisier to study the work of this famous man in Science. He has learned so much.

  46. Smurf Says:

    I think that he is a great choice for my report

  47. Elly Says:

    Oh my god that is sad! He is … cool

  48. Elly Says:

    poor guy.

  49. Elly Says:

    i chose him for my chemistry brochure

  50. fuck me Says:


  51. fuck me Says:

    i hate chemistry 11-11-11

  52. Nyan Girl Says:

    I’m doing my science wanted poster on this guy! He sounds so cool even is name is awesome

  53. lovely Says:

    Bye Bye

  54. frank Says:

    Suck my cock :)

  55. Abbydevil Says:

    An amazing scietist but, seriously why, why make up the elements? we suffer now!!!!!!!

  56. Abbydevil Says:

    i am doing a poster on this guy, he made Oxygen and Hydrogen!!!! whyy do this to me?????

  57. Abbydevil Says:

    *he made up the words Oxygen and Hydrogen!!

  58. BigBlack Says:

    Antoine was a derp

  59. sdfg Says:

    he was single

  60. BigBlack Says:

    benni is a derpasauras

  61. sdfg Says:

    he was a derp

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  63. sdfg Says:

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  65. BigBlack Says:

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  68. big black Says:

    breaden is single, girls if you are single he will like you

  69. breaden Finbogason Says:

    im single and i like candy

  70. BigBlack Says:

    antoine was a virgin for his whole life, he could not screw a chick so he had his own version of a fleshlight consisting of 2 potatoes and a string

  71. Benni Helgason Says:

    i love little boys

  72. breaden Finbogason Says:

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  73. Benni Helgason Says:

    i am from icleand and play with frogs

  74. breaden Finbogason Says:

    ( . ) ( . ) big boobs (.)(.) small boobs

  75. sdfg Says:

    Antoine de Lavoisier was single and sad

  76. juli Hernandez! Says:

    Well i need some help researching him. But im pretty hyped about learning of what he did !

  77. mickayla Says:

    this guy is pretty boring. hes stupid so he has to steal others work.

  78. poo Says:


  79. Riley Says:

    pretty cool person… decapitated.

  80. deja Says:

    i hope you had a good life Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier

  81. EcHoZeRRaNg.ChIcKaZsZ Says:

    This man is totally Awesome…. He is so cool

  82. Joe A. Warkoczewski Says:

    So it goes… no good deed goes unpunished. Even in science. If only they could have understood.

  83. shayna marie Says:

    he’s so bright

  84. june Says:

    he is pretty awsome and he is a great guy

  85. june Says:

    a great sientist as well :)
    i have a little crush on him i would say

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