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Anthony Sedlak

Born: 1982/1983 - Died: 2012-07-06
Cause of Death:

Death Summary:

Anthony Sedlak was found dead in his apartment in North Vancouver on July 6th, 2012. It is reported that Sedlak collapsed and died from an undiagnosed medical condition. He was 29 years of age.

Who was Anthony Sedlak :

Anthony Sedlak was a well-known Culinary Host on the Food Network Canada's The Main TV show. Prior to his TV involvement, Sedlak was thoroughly involved in the food industry ever since was a young teenager, working at the Grouse Mountain cafeteria since he was 13 years of age.

Sedlak also worked at various other restaurants up until his twenties, and won judges over on the Food Network's Superstar Chef Challenge II show, which helped kickstart his role on The Main.

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6 Signatures in Anthony Sedlak's guestbook

  1. Lorraine Armstrong Says:

    rest in peace I pray


    from God we come and to Him we return.Great loss.May his soul rest in peace.Ameen.

  3. Yasmine Doubleday Says:

    I will never feel this type of connection with any other chef. You lifted my spirits with your fun-loving personality and inspired me to cook. Truly the most handsome chef. I will miss you so much. Love Yasmine

  4. Monica Love Says:

    You were so young, i feel sad when i hear about these things and you were so handsome. Rest in peace Anthony.

  5. Gainde Says:

    I’m terribly sad to hear of Shane’s panssig. I had heard rumors of this, but had not confirmed until I recently searched his name.I was friends with Shane at Reed, and remember seeing him sitting prodigiously at the back of the room, in black, in a Philosophy lecture we took together.I remember Shane telling me about how he was busted by cops in TN because they thought the baking soda he carried in his pocket to clean his teeth was cocaine. (I believe, at the time, he was trying to contact the ACLU to have this challenged.)I remember he invited me back to his apartment, where he played me music that, quite literally, was the crying lament of a woman who had recently lost her daughter. And I recall him showing me around his place, and noting that he slept on a bed that consisted of a mattress made of wood. (Axes, there, too.)I remember Shane poo-poo’ing light cigarettes, preferring his filterless Old Golds (?).Shane was a complex, deep person to be honest, he was at odds, in my opinion, with much of the obnoxious or otherwise obsequious Reed student body. He belonged, perhaps, in 1960s France or, at the very least, perhaps somewhere other than this place, this time that he couldn’t quite handle.He gave me a book of Blake’s poems Songs of Innocence and Experience. I stumble across it from time to time in my house, and remember when I knew him, many years prior.When I knew Shane, at least, he was more or less a nihilist so I shan’t say any blessings or well wishings. But merely hope that Shane found peace, of some sort, and best wishes and condolences to those who he was close to.

  6. Decacat Says:


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