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Andy Griffith

Born: 1926-06-01 - Died: 2012-07-03
Cause of Death:

Death Summary:

Andy Griffith died on July 3rd, 2012 at his home on Roanoke Island in North Carolina. Griffith was 86 years of age.

Who was Andy Griffith :

Andy Griffith was a well-known television star from Mount Airy, North Carolina. Among his talents on the big screen, Griffith was an actor, director, and singer.

Many of you may know Andy Griffith for his involvement in his own sitcom Andy Griffith Show in the 1960's, which ran for 8 seasons on the CBS television network. Griffith was also well-known for his role on the NBC Drama Matlock, where he played a very serious criminal defense attorney "Ben Matlock."

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47 Signatures in Andy Griffith's guestbook

  1. Faith Says:

    Griffith family, Our hearts are broken. There are no words that can express the loss of one of America’s icons. Our prayers are with you for comfort and strength.

  2. Wally Whitton Says:

    Rest well Andy. You have brought so much warmth,true life lessons and gentle humor to myself for many many years. I grew up with the Andy Griffith Show and will continue to treasure your remarkable talent for acting. I will miss you my friend.

  3. will Says:

    Andy and Barney were lawmen, bravist you ever did see, warned every crook in the record book to stay out of mayberry. LOVE that line in one of their episodes!! Andy, we love ya and you will be missed. R.I.P. Thanks for the great memeories!!

  4. GUY Says:

    There’s only four words to say ANDY GRIFFITH THANK YOU

  5. Denver Fisher Says:

    Thanks for the Years of entertainment

  6. sherell Says:

    Andy, rest in str8t peace…. No more pain or sorrrow. Nothing but love and smooth sailing!!! Yu were truly one of the best and will truly be missed!!!!


    He was a wonderfully talented man. Who will be loved and remembered for a long long time.
    R.I.P. ANDY

  8. Douglas R. Gempel Says:

    Rest in Peace! Andy……Now you are at home in HEAVENS Mayberry with Barney.

  9. Ronnie Couch Says:

    This one took me back. I’ve always felt that as a child I belonged in Mayberry. As I watched them fall one by one, I felt I was losing my childhood. When we lost Don and Andy.. Well.. I guess..I don’t know. Feels strange to me.

  10. Randy McDaniel Says:

    If it were 1968 and Simon and Garfunkle were singing “Mrs. Robinson”, they would most certainly sing “Where have you gone Andy Griffith”.
    We lost a great one.

  11. Eddie Says:

    RIP…Loved all the shows. Matlock and The Andy Griffth show were my favorites.. Now your with Barney.. RIP..Thanks for the great shows.



  13. Jack E. Dellinger Says:

    I’m writing this to the friends and loved ones of Andy Griffith to let them know how much Andy will be missed by people all over the earth. I know he was able to reach into people’s hearts, giving of himself to us, what we needed, love, friendship,entertainment, and well being in a world of dis-allusion. I watched Andy all my life and never tired of his humor and wisdom! I will miss your generosity and talent and thanks again for making my life so much richer.

    Your admirer,
    Jack E. Dellinger

  14. mario boulet Says:

    What a real genius was that man!
    He opened doors and facilitated entry to new talents that later became great actor themselves.
    He made us see a Clean, Virgin America, with an optimized view to the future.
    Rest in peace you beautiful man!

  15. Gerald Danford Says:

    Will miss you always,may you be with God.

  16. Daniel Says:

    Rest in Peace, Andy!

  17. gail Says:

    RIP I loved watching you in everything. Your last movie was a hoot! Ifigurd it would be your last so it will always have a place in my heart!

  18. Betty Woods Says:

    i love Andy,I always felt that he in person was just the Andy in Mayberry such as the part he played he will be missed he was talented in many ways

  19. Barbara Says:

    I always wished Andy Griffith could have been my father, he always knew exactly how to handle any situation with Opie and his friends or Barney’s fumbles. He was always so kind even when he had to correct someone. He was larger than life to me as a Midwest kid. Rest in peace,Andy you earned it.

  20. Larry Bauer Says:

    To the Griffith family sorry for your lost, Andy was a great man, that I watched as a kid, love his work as a actor he will be missed.

  21. Jonine Bowden Says:

    To a Man how brought simple times in mayberry and justice in the court room, you were a great actor,every character you played was made real,you will be missed.

  22. charlie worle Says:

    Andy,thanks for one of the best shows that ever was.It truly lightened our hearts. Rest now.

  23. valerie carr Says:

    I am A Fan of the Andy Griffin Show AND Enjoyed his all his work as matlock, would like to offer my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

  24. johnny perez Says:

    r.i.p. friend you will be greatley missed , heaven just recvd a gentle giant of an angel , god bless the family and friends , you are gona be greatley missed 4ever!!

  25. gary t. hiatt Says:

    my mother babysit andy when he was about 8-0r 9 in mt.airy also knew his mom geneva and dad carl andy set a good model for the rest of us.

  26. Lisa Neil Says:

    Andy Griffith was a wonderful actor/entertainer. I loved watching him in movies, Matlock, and Andy Griffith show…I grew up watching everyone in Mayberry, and so I feel like I have lost a member of my family. He was a wonderful actor and he was loved by many. Thanks for all the years of good clean entertainment. My heart goes out to the family and you are all in my prayers. You will forever be missed and forever loved…RIP: ANDY GRIFFITH!!! Gone but will never be forgotten.

  27. wendy.t Says:

    Andy loved watching your life lessons.. you will be missed..Future generations will continue to learn from you in rerun heaven…

  28. Mark Says:

    Andy always seemed to no how to grasp the future and move forward.He beat up negative energy with a vengence.
    A class act right to the end.
    Thx Andy,I’m still moving forward and grasping the future because of you.



  30. Gayle Says:

    He will be greatly missed! I grew up watching his shows and loving all of them!!! My father was a fan of his 😉
    RIP Andy…

  31. sandy Says:

    i’ve loved every show you were im and im devastated you died but your always be americas icon and my favorite actor——- S.G.

  32. Pera brown Says:

    I always remember the starting part of the Andy Griffiths show with Andy and young Ron Howard and the music,it will never leave by memory as we only had one tv channel in the country at the time and it was only black and white,but we saw pure innocent entertain ment as the Andy Griffith show ,so much fun,we will miss you Andy Griffith ,thank for the pleasure

  33. claudia Says:

    i grew up watching andy and barney and the whole town of mayberry. they do not make shows as good as this one anymore. i wish they did. andy was a true born actor. he played every role like he owned it. he will be missed.

  34. wilson mendez Says:

    miss you

  35. Angela Dean Says:

    Pray family stayed strong during this time.. God bless

  36. Ray Campbell Says:

    You will always be Andy Taylor, who lives in Mayberry, to me. Rest in peace

  37. Nina Says:

    R.I.P. Sheriff Taylor I know there’s a Mayberry area in heaven and residents there feels safe even Barney. You are missed down here

  38. Don Burkett Says:

    You will live on in all of us rest in peace Andy

  39. noah Says:

    You to me are the greatest if heaven needs a sherriff I’m sure at you will give the Duke a run for his money thank you for so many years of great shows.you touched so many lives with your work. If more parents had their children watch your shows the world would become a better place. Rest in peace old friend.

  40. darrius Says:

    All I have to say is he would be greatly missed

  41. Jay Says:

    Wow. I didnt really hear anything about andys death…all I can say is that at 16 now, ive watched him on tv all my life. He will be missed.

  42. comfoter Says:

    I’m watching you reruns right now, i brought them at walmart yesterday. God bless you my friend truely we will be friends through eturnity when i get there.

  43. Shelby Says:

    You did a well job, Andy. I loved your shows. Rest in peace.

  44. Shelby Says:

    R.I.P I loved his show, Matlock.

  45. Caitlin Gaffney Says:

    will miss u

  46. jessica wilis Says:

    andy griffith was my best show when i was lil girl.but my preyer out there family

  47. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

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