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Andy Gibb

Born: 1958-03-05 - Died: 1988-03-10
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Andrew “Andy” Roy Gibb had been working on a new album in London. He began having some chest pains, so he went to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. He died shortly after that on March 10, 1988 from myocarditis (inflammation of the heart). His long addiction to cocaine had apparently weakened his heart.

Gibb died just five days after his 30th birthday.

Who was Andy Gibb : Gibb was a teen idol the youngest brother of Barry, Robin, and Maurice…more commonly known as the Bee Gees.

Gibb became the first male solo artist to have three consecutive number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. The first of his hits was the song “I Just Want to Be Your Everything”.

The pressures of the industry led Gibb to drugs, which are credited for the decline of his career.

In the mid 1980s, Gibb’s family convinced him to seek help, so he checked into the Betty Ford Clinic (named after the former first lady and wife of Gerald Ford).

After his stint in rehab he guest starred on a few comedy shows (Gimme A Break! And Punky Brewster). His performances showed his fans, and himself, that he was finally clean.

With his new lifestyle, his career never got back to where it once was. Gibb had to declare bankruptcy, as his debts far outweighed his income.
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59 Signatures in Andy Gibb's guestbook

  1. Lupe Says:

    You were the best. You had a lot to offer to the world and to your family. You never got over a broken heart. Rest in Peace

  2. Trella Bozeman Says:

    I love your music and you are ONE FINE HUNK, but I’m sorry your life was cut short and I know you are in a better place where you have no sadness, broken heart. You are loved by everyone. Love you always!!!

  3. Ramiro Perez Says:

    great artist and great brother

  4. Eljay Says:

    Me and my other two amigos blame one Victoria Principle, the “Mrs. Robinson” of the 80s, for everything bad that happened to you. What a sad, untimely, unnecessary death, and what a blow it was to your three brothers. There will never be a musical group with such great harmony and songwriting again, and you would naturally have stepped up when your brother Maurice passed away.

  5. alma maese Says:


  6. Roger Clark Says:

    He was a great singer and very good looking. The Bgees are a great singing group!!!

  7. Roger Clark Says:

    You will be missed!!

  8. K.Cox Says:

    Thankyou for your contribution to the music industry and for giving me something to sing to in a really really high voice!
    You will be greatly remembered

  9. leslie m. lauscher Says:

    When I was a teenager andy gibb was the hottest man there was.I had him hanging all over my room.I still listen to his music to this day.I will always love andy gibb, rest in peace,you were truly one of the greatest.

  10. Fromagirl Says:

    When i was younger i fell in love with you Andy. I seen you in concert before and i not only admired you for your talent and looks but you seemed so charming and down to earth. I was reading other stories on him they said he had such a low self asstem. I wish i could have met him and told him how wonderful he was and let him know so many loved him for who he was. When i heard he passed away i called a girlfriend of mine (she had a crush on him to) and we both cried. Andy will be forever missed and loved. I know he is in a better place and not fighting his demons anymore, although he left us much to soon. Thank you Andy for showing us gal’s what a real talented gentleman is! To Andy’s family thank you for sharing Andy with us and may god bless and keep you.

  11. Exie Kelley Says:

    ♥ ya rip

  12. Cindy Says:

    Andy will remain in the hearts of those who loved him for all eternity.

  13. Asenath Says:

    Ti ho amato tantissimo. Le tue canzoni hanno fatto da colonna sonora a buona parte della mia adolescenza. Spero che tu stia meglio dove sei ora.

  14. sexy girl Says:

    andy gibb i love you
    of bee gee fan

  15. Melinda Says:

    you was one fine and sexy man! God sure knew what he was doing when he created you…Andy, to this day I can’t seem to understand why you had a low self-esteem…you was GORGEOUS…love and miss ya loads!!!

  16. Suzi Says:

    Even today, after all of these years, I miss the smell of your hair, your wicked sense of humor, and even your hairy “ape arms”–oh Andy, wish you were here. You took the sun with you…I want it back…

  17. EveLoveKitten Says:

    I can’t say I blame anyone for his death.
    Cocaine is a selfish drug. I spent 14 years
    with a coke head who was handsome, wild and
    self serving. I do however recognize the deep
    love Andy had (and his brothers) for others and
    each other and the unique way they had to express it. THAT was to be envied. Andy you
    lived a full life enbracing it with both arms open
    and life is full of joys and sorrows we have
    to experince them all. You were a joy to behold.

  18. adaptive_o Says:

    Dear Author http://www.famousdead.com !
    Excuse for that I interfere … To me this situation is familiar. Let’s discuss.

  19. marcela Says:

    en el año 1978 me impacto el tema shadow dancing y de ahi no pare de escuchar a andy

    me hubiera gustado que hubiera hecho mas discos


  20. michelle m Says:

    you were beautiful and are missed loved all your songs rest in peace

  21. michelle m Says:

    you were beautiful and are missed love all your songs and still listen to them you left us too soon rest in peace andy

  22. michelle m Says:

    love all your music and still listen regularly you were beautiful and left too soon rest in peace andy

  23. Victoria Says:

    Andy you were my everything.I will always love you and your music.REST IN PEACE>

  24. Jasmine Says:

    Dear Andy,

    Where are you? Singing & smiling that beautiful smile. Somewhere.

    One day…
    I love you ♥

  25. Teresa Mase Says:

    I had so much fun with your music, those were such fun days. I wish you were still around, too young to go. You wont be forgotten..”Hot”

  26. Derenda Durrett Says:

    You was one of my favorite performers when I was a kid. I still think of you till this day. I wish I could of seen you on stage. I had a big crush on you. wish you was here to perform. Miss you Love you always!!!!

  27. Marie Hembree Says:

    Wherever you are, know that you were the most loved voice in a very unique era for music on this planet. You are deeply missed and fondly remembered. Thank you for having been here the same that I was.

  28. Sally Valiao Says:

    i will miss you forever…

  29. Charlette Tucker Says:

    when I was young I used to listen to your music and watch a lot of John Travolta’s movies just because they played your songs you are missed

  30. andy angel Says:

    andy you were a beautiful person.your voice and music lives on.now you sing with the angels.rest in peace where troubles are forgotten.

  31. Linnie Louise Says:

    dear sweet Andy, rest in peace. No more heartbreak, no more tears for you, Angel. We all miss you.

  32. Kathy Tickell Says:

    Beautiful voice. Taken too soon.
    Kathy (Ontario, Canada)

  33. maggie Says:

    still miss you

  34. Mrs. Starla Dodge Says:

    I just LOVED Andy Gibb in the 1970’s and 1980’s and I have all of his albums, a doll and t-shirt. I had a whole bunch of pictures of Andy in my locker when I was in school. When I did learn of Andy’s death, I cried and cried for a whole week and wouldn’t listen to anything else but Andy’s music!!!!!!!!!! I still LOVE Andy today and miss him A LOT!!!!!!!!!! I know that God is taking good care of Andy and that he’s singing for God!!

  35. Laura Mazzera Says:

    love all his music he was my teen idol

  36. Linnie Louise Says:

    In the arms of God and the angels you were a classy man with poise and beauty, immense natural beauty. Will always love Andy xx Linnie

  37. Barby Says:

    We still miss you very much. Keep looking down at us from heaven love.

  38. Tammy Says:

    Andy will always be in my heart. To me, he is an angel and didn’t belong to this world.I still listen to his music frequently. I wish I could have been there to help him. I will always love you Andy.

  39. Maria Fernanda Says:

    Great man and artist!Adorable,so vulnerable,and fragile!gone too soon,he was depressed and nobody was there to help him,as a hard die fan thaty`s my regret,always in my heart,God bless you in heaven my dear!

  40. Kim Says:

    its been so long but still its so sad of hes passing

  41. Kai kai Says:

    I’m young I was born in the 1990’s
    but I love Andy gibb sooooo much soooooooo much
    he is the best singer in da world I loovve Andy I got andyfever and I wish that I was born in his time and I have Andy gibb shirt and alot of songs on my iPhone and a recorded show about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At Leslie m Amen sister

  42. Linda Says:

    forever young, forever beautiful and ALWAYS there in my heart. I won’t forget you.

  43. Gilda Mora Says:

    Seguirás siempre en mi corazón. Desde Santiago de Chile

  44. Pharmd236 Says:

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  45. Pharme361 Says:

    Very nice site!

  46. Carol Says:

    Victoria Principal is so ugly now, alone, no kids,old, if you saw her you died again Andy,, so forget her.. now you have the best in heaven

  47. Ellyn Robertson MacPherson Says:

    Hard to believe it has been over 23 years since Andy left this world.
    Andy, you were one hot looking guy, and had a beautiful voice too. Still listen to your music regularly.
    Will remember and love you always.

  48. Ana Says:

    I love you forever, Andy.
    See you in heaven.

  49. Omar Brown Says:

    Omar Brown
    New Zealand

  50. Mary Says:

    The sky was made for the stars..You were one of the BEST! May You Rest In Peace…<3

  51. Tonya Quigley Says:

    Although you were not with us very long your voice made a huge impact. Rest in Peace Andy.

  52. Alanda Woods Says:

    You were very talented. God Bless You as you are truly missed. It would have been great to see what you would have done/accomplished now. Peace and may GOD remain with you!

  53. Manny C. Says:

    Great singer! R.I.P.

  54. Lisa Weiner Says:

    To Andy Gibb,
    I thought you were a very talented entertainer. I loved your songs Shadow Dancing, Love is thicker than water, etc. My prayers go out to your family. Lisa Weiner

  55. estella g Says:


  56. James McCoy Says:

    you will be missed

  57. Deborah Cristina Says:

    Unforgettable Andy! So special soul gone too soon… Tue only one therapy had to be’ tough love…

  58. Holly Sanborn Says:

    I had the biggest crush on you when I was in my teens,(14 to be exact). It was my first ever crush. There are times when I’m listening to these great songs of old, I find myself thinking about you, and how much emotional pain you must have been in right at the end. You were one of the best, cut down in what should have been the prime of your life.
    Hopefully you have found the peace you searched for in this earthly realm we all must go through.
    Maybe we will still meet each other on the great judgement day.At least now you and Robin and Maurice are singing for our heavenly father.
    Rest in peace, Andy. Your fans still love you, and you are missed a great deal by us all.
    You are still great, in my eyes, anyway.
    I love you, my friend.

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