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Andrew Jackson

Born: 1767-03-15 - Died: 1845-06-08
Cause of Death:
Heart Failure

Death Summary: Though Jackson suffered abdominal pains, a bad cough, and headaches as a result of a musket ball in his lung, he died from a combination of chronic tuberculosis, dropsy, and ultimately heart failure.

He was 78 when he died 8 years after retiring to Nashville, Tennessee.

Who was Andrew Jackson : Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States of America. His face can be found on the American Twenty Dollar Bill.

He was the first president that an assassination attempt was made upon.

Prior to his presidency, he was the military governor of Florida, and the commander of the American Forces at the Battle of New Orleans.

He is credited with helping shape the modern Democratic Party.
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11 Signatures in Andrew Jackson's guestbook

  1. Pat Shaffer Says:

    One of the bravest men who ever lived, one of our best, toughest Presidents – and wrong, as often as he was right – on the Trail of Tears – horror, and wrong. But Hero of New Orleans, first genuine Democrat – had an entire era named for him – “The Age of Jackson”.Old Hickory – honest and ferocious.

  2. miki Says:

    i hate him he was evil he killed many he was a sick power craving fiend who was stupidly put in charge of this nation of hardworking people such as the native americans themselves

  3. Liam Says:

    I’m writing a report on him so far to me he’s a pretty kewl guy…But you gotta admit he looks like a vampire.

  4. Liam Says:

    Alsooo….He was a little cruel but if you grew up on that age i bet you would be just like im if you think about it!

  5. shanti Says:

    i like jackson he’s a honorabled man

  6. shanti Says:

    he is just like george washington

  7. shanti Says:

    he has a big head which means he is intellingent

  8. shanti Says:

    he was a lil cruel liam but he also had hard times in his life he had to face and thats all i have to say about him today

  9. shanti Says:


  10. joshua velis Says:

    old presedent

  11. Lauren Jackley Says:

    I am doing a school web page on you and you seem like a pretty good guy and you did a lot of really good things! And I would like to say thank you for all you have done for our country!

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