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Adolf Hitler

Born: 1889-04-20 - Died: 1945-04-30
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: By april 1945 the russian army had surrounded Berlin, where hitler had his headquarters in his bunker, the Führerbunker. He had decided to make his last stand in Berlin, and not surrender. The generally accepted account is that he commited suicide by biting a cyanide capsule and shooting himself simultaneously. His body (and that of his wife) was then burned with gasoline by his aides. The russian secret service identified his remains by his dental records.
However, to this day there have been doubts as to his death, the manner of his death and as to the identification of his remains, including the fragment of skull the russians claim belonged to hitler.

Who was Adolf Hitler : He led Germany into the II world war. He was responsible for the holacaust the sistematic liquidation of 6 million jews and others.
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120 Signatures in Adolf Hitler's guestbook

  1. lori Says:

    so long too bad you lived as long as you did. murderer. my family suffered because of you.

  2. Siobhan Says:

    person at the top I FEEL UR PAIN,people don’t know i’m jewish

  3. vana Says:

    im german.i think that u were missunderstood n im sorry.r.i.p

  4. Linus Says:

    Hitler was one fourth jewish and borned in Austria and mowed to Germany to escape the military service

  5. caleb Says:


  6. LOVENESH Says:


  7. LOVENESH Says:


  8. Jon Says:

    natzi go die

  9. Hannahanakenzie Says:

    I hate u fucking asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Grace and Sam Says:

    thank you for ruining germany!

  11. Bre'Anna Says:

    die you dick im a jew i hope yr burning

  12. alex Says:

    i want his dick

  13. nekrophiliac lesbian Says:

    fucking cock bitch in the ass with cum

  14. amandafrompawpaw Says:

    i love this guy

  15. dunno Says:

    He deserved to die after all he did!!!!

  16. Makayla Says:


  17. the killer Says:

    son of a bitch you killed the awesome jewes ass

  18. Kim Says:

    if it were not for you man…we would all be dead right now. RIP you were loved by some, hated by many and remembered by all.

  19. paco Says:

    Hail Hitler!

  20. charles weeden Says:

    you son of a bitch, you killed all of those innocent people i hope ur ass burn forever and ever you sick fuck…

  21. Nathan Says:

    your a dick i hate you so much

  22. Abe from 10ST Says:

    i love you dawg, i wanna be just like you :)

  23. josh Says:

    i hate you fag you killed to many people for nothing cause your not perfect. anyone the slutes you they should die

  24. josh Says:

    abe from 10st what the hell you slute him that makes you a asshole to

  25. fsdiofniosdhfusdh Says:

    fuck u ur a cocknocker

  26. doush Says:

    u are a fucking doussssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh

  27. jared petersen Says:

    i love u so much i do exactly what you did

  28. hello Says:

    coolest infamous person dead!!!!

  29. hello Says:

    yipee yoou are actuley dead

  30. unkown Says:


  31. unkown Says:

    ha ha your dead1

  32. SARAH Says:

    god bless the day u died

  33. LULU Says:

    wow he is a baaaaaaadddd man!!!!

  34. adolf hitler Says:

    hitler is awsome i love you mann….. fuck jews

  35. hessticles Says:

    he did what any good person would do set up fun camps for the jews to reflect on how they screw everyone and bitch about everything. they had a great daily workout routine and a low carb diet. community living at its best,what better way to go out and meet new folks. all this in a gated community with fences and guards!! smartly dressed guards may i add. when a guest became ill the finest of experimental medicine was applied!! if in fact the inmate was to old or sickly to work or eat they were put in a nice oven like area to combat the sickness. heat is the key to a long life,look at all the jews in florida!! the schooling for the kids was top notch and the day care when the parents went to work was second to none. trained child care experts watching the little ones while you worked. after a day at the office you may have been offered a massage from a camp host. that host might strike you on your back with a club to help relieve tension. of course the jews having no spines just loud mouths always scamming something for nothing may have not taken the blows to the spine the right way seeing as how they dont have a backbone. often times young jewish women were raped,they claim!! the fact is most were ready for the handsome aryan guards and readily opened those big jew vaginas for them. dont forget the jews marched to the camps on their own due to lack of guts. it was a social experiment at best that worked out well for all. heres to the greatest camp counselor of all uncle adolf. stop complaining and enjoy the ride, i hear the trains will be running again soon!!

  36. Kate Says:

    I hope you die in hell

  37. Kate Says:

    ^^ you retard they kill them in the shower.

  38. hessticles Says:

    My dearest Kate I know the showers were part of the fun but more died of carbon monixide poison. This was done in trucks and happy joy joy buses. The exhaust was very hot even an idiot such as your hebrew self knows engines are hot. Plus dont foget the total scumbag heebs that didn’t drop dead in the showers and went to the fires. No not the creamatoria but the massive holes in the ground that had grates and were set a blaze. So even the jews that faked death were all burned up. Yes those are hot things. Very hot things indeed my dear. That is where the heat comment came from. So soon it will happen again those kooky jews always screwing everyone since the dawn of time. Its happening right now with the isreal scum. Living on stolen land!! Where else would a jew live unless it was from someone elses hard work. Oh no the people of the world are seeing the problems we are having because of this. So in short anything based on lies ends. I would have thought you people would have understood that by now. Not true so i wish you and yours the bloodsucking best of short times. Leeches and rats are easy to wipe out and i guess it may be time again. Yes I know i spelt isreal wrong according to you but cal shit crap or poop it smells the same. I wish you the best my hebrew pals. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  39. tube top Says:

    i am starting an adolf hitler museum much along the lines of a holacaust museum. it will showcase all the hard work and effort that hitler put into his work. there are so many artifacts that can be used in this museum. if anyone has any ideas post them here on this blog please. i would love a jew head on a stick from the 1930s. also we need some action pictures of the hilarious gas chambers and maybe some blooper footage to keep the mood light. we have a plaster mold of anne franks face and want to show a wax statue of hitler getting a blow job from her. i feel this will break some tension if the museum seems too intense because of adolfs awsome achievements. it will showcase his early and humble years through his awsome rise to power. hitler was the original megastar using mass media and rallys to raise his popularity. what a genius he was and is. we need to let the youth of this country and the world know that jews have been controlling banking and the media from long ago and have always been lieing,cheating self centered leeches. this museum about this great man will let everyone its ok to despise and eliminate the jews. this has been happening for thousands of years. people will see its not their religion that makes them hated its the greed and attitudes they have. what a joyus place this museum will be. from the uniforms to medals to some jew skulls. i can smell the zyclon b now!! how awsome it must have been for such a great man to achieve so much in such a short time. henry ford agreed with him and so did walt disney. so many great men of our time will be showcased along with hitler. if only today we had such genius on our side our country would be great again. please give me some ideas for this place. i thought a mock creamatoria might be nice. let the kids pull the switch then give them a small box of ashes with the name of a random jew on it. little ss pins for the kids too. well zeig heil my friends.

  40. your mom Says:

    what was the purpose of killing those helpless people

  41. your mom Says:

    suck it

  42. jagstar Says:

    those that salute hitler will burn in hell just as he is. can you feel the fire yet? Oh you will! the Jews are God’s chosen. “Touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm”, says the Lord God Almighty. hitler will burn just like he burned the jews.

  43. Awesome person Says:

    Why was the perfect child Blue eyes blond hair when he was Brown hair and eyes im confused over this question?Plus dude ur a sick F****

  44. victoria murphy Says:

    im not jewish btw, but i still hate him with a vengance, he was a sick, twisted man and im glad the idiot is dead :)

  45. fetus force Says:

    Jagstar makes a good point!! The only problem with it is that the jews were the chosen people in the Old Testament. The new testament has many verses clearly stateing that the jews are no longerthe chosen people. Christ himself had a hard time with their greed and deceptive ways. Anyhow they are a slippery race of rule benders and blooduckers that live off of lies and scams. Be it insurance or investments they have no regard for others. They have been run out of just about every area they have contaminated since the beginning of time. Hey history does repeat itself so we will see what happens next.

  46. Adolphs son Says:

    you will be missed …by who? ..I have no fucking idea. However, I will miss the way you used to host those summer camps when you were 10, the showers were always so …sanitized and clean!!

  47. Will Says:

    burn in hell and have a pinepple shoved up your ass

  48. dannyyyyyyy Says:

    fat peice of sh*t

  49. bill Says:

    The greatest man who ever lived,r.i.p 88

  50. Fhuher Says:

    heil hitler!

  51. Don B Says:

    Hitler. The greatest man in history. We need another man like him to finish off the Zionists.

  52. The Truth Says:

    Religion is the root to all evil! (Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Hindu) All the same. This S**T needs to stop. I say no land is free, invaid anyones land your going to get whats coming to you. Like so many countries of the world today governments letting all kinds of people in. All they do is fuel the fires for another day just like many of the battles in history. Hitler loved his country and wanted it back! misunderstanding people would you let somebody crash in your house without your say so, then for them not to leave. would you let them steal your food & money while you stool there idol, the answer is NO. Thats what those people done to Germany all those years ago, Hitler and the people of that land stood up to those bullies.

  53. john rietheimer Says:

    Mein Fuhrer RIP The Greatest Man To Ever Live Adolf Hitler

  54. thatgirl Says:

    I’m full blooded German and I HATE HITLER MORE THEN EVER.

  55. AnonymousGirl Says:

    You people crack me the hell up, some making statements to Hitler, Hello he is dead and has been for quite sometime, he will never see these comments. No one can deny that this man was a pure genius with amazing leadership abilities, We kind of need someone like Hitler too take charge of America, get rid of some of you scum.

  56. kill8r Says:

    thank u for bening dead

  57. Jaden Says:

    Hitler may u rest in peace u great man

  58. ilovegermans Says:

    and thats all that should be said ………… you nazi’s and sick people are going to get your day very soon…

  59. bill Says:

    Hitler was one of the greatest men that ever lived. The Nazis and the Nazi ideology was the best thing this planet has ever produced. The mindless Jewish lead masses trampled over Germany.

    In time people will realize Hitler was right. The truth will come out about the Jews. All the atrocities where Jewish fabricated lies, nothing but wartime propaganda.

    The Allies were the real evil. They purposefully bombed food to starve civilians, the British bombed German cities at night killing German civilians (Hitler waited 3 months before retaliating). Churchhill and the Americans ordered rape (and even sent condoms) of German women. The soviets raped and murdered millions of Germans too. Lets not forget why Germany invaded Poland in the first place, the communist Jews in Poland where killing Germans. The US also nuked 1 million Japanese, no factories, the cities where not military targets.

    How many million did the USA and Soviet union murder after WW2? Tens of millions, even to this day. Pure evil. Purely run by the Jews.

  60. Augustus Arthur Says:

    The jews declared war on Germany way back in 1933. There is no evidence and there never will be of any systematic process killing of jews by Germany because IT DID NOT HAPPEN. Although I wish it did. The only holocaust in WWII was the bombing of Dresden by the so called “allies”. This world will not see peace until every single jew is wiped off the map. They are responsible for every war ever to have taken place in history.
    Long Live Adolf Hitler in our Hearts – Heil Hitler!

  61. Wolf Heidler Says:

    Anyone who hates Hitler is either a dirty, lowlife jew, sone kind of nigger or a self-hating, brain washed white who doesn’t deserve to have white skin. You liberal – left wing, brainfucked lowlifes. Do you really think communism was the answer? GO and check your history – it was the fucking jews who started communism by murdering over 30 million white Russians. Even with communism there is still a ruling class. You dumb fucks.
    And to those who think us Nazi’s are gonna have our day soon – you are damned right we are. More and more people are waking up to the lies and the jew run sick, immoral, perverted materialistic world they have lauded over since WWII finished. Well – we will have our day. Every drop of German blood spilt by jews will be avenged many, many times over. You whinging jew cunts will be slaughtered until there is nothing left of you, you ugly fucking neanderthal scum. We all know why you hate us – it is because you can never become us. We evolved from Cro-Magnon and you carry the ugly, usless genes of the neanderthal. Even your so called women are fucking ugly. Look at Barbara Streisand – cross eyed, cunt-mouth ugly fucking thing it is. And that is the best you can offer?
    You are finished, you can’t hide behind your fucked up religion forever. We know you did 9/11, we know you were behind WW 1 and WW 2, we know why you own Hollywood and most of the worlds media – and despite this, you still cant cover your lies and slander. And, for those of you who are supposed to be European and who suck up to the jews against your own kind…you are going to suffer a fate worse than the “chosen ones”, because there is nothing worse than a traitor to your own kind.
    You have all been warned.

  62. poooooooooooop Says:

    penis hole fuck

  63. waffles Says:

    hitler sucks eggs

  64. waffles Says:

    a lot

  65. waffles Says:

    but did u know that he was beaten as a child, and his dad did when he was 13, and his mom died when he was 18.

  66. waffles Says:

    but did u know that he was beaten as a child, and his dad die when he was 13, and his mom died when he was 18.

  67. waffles Says:


  68. suck it Says:

    HA HA u have only one nut…….. also ur ugly

  69. Says Says:

    frf5 beeotch

  70. Asian Pablo Says:

    free sex with hitler… 1(760)851-4854

    call me

  71. Hitler Says:

    im alive assholes

  72. bob Says:

    DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. waffles Says:

    i didn’t put that up top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( the one that says teabags )

  74. bob Says:

    teabag the world

  75. No one Says:

    Neo Nazis! Stop worshipping a dead man!

  76. chelsea daniels Says:

    you suck

  77. chelsea daniels Says:

    hope you had a good birthday 420 yeeeeee

  78. Samantha Says:

    My bday was also the fifth!

  79. Samantha Says:

    Adolf you rock but why would kill all of those Jews??????

  80. Adolf Hitler Says:

    I’m not dead and I’m not killing any one any more! I am hiding in Japan!

  81. Robby Says:

    i mean his

  82. Robby Says:

    he looks raw when he kills jews har har har

  83. Lolwut Says:

    Epic failure. 😀

  84. Ion Vockahan Says:

    you are missed be all we plan to retaliate and kill all you mother fuckers praise hitler

  85. Jew Bagel Says:

    I love you ,man

  86. Anne Frank Says:

    aww i died cause of u

  87. Anne_Frank69 Says:

    you win -.-

  88. Anne_Frank69 Says:

    im dead lol

  89. adolf hitler Says:

    all jews are cock squeezin shit lickin mother fukin lesbians who tried and failed at everything by the way i live in jerusalem an im comin for all you jews and 3-quarters of the world are with me and 1-quater are jews

  90. adolf hitler jr Says:

    yeah listen to my dad or he’ll kill all you nuthher fukers who disobey him praise my dad and gas all jews

  91. adolf hitler Says:

    aaron coll im’a’comin’ for ya you big fat jewish shit lickin cock sniffin lesbian sandwich

  92. mr.nazi Says:

    fu8nny is it not, people know how many kews was supposed to have been killed but they do nto kow how many american soldeirs died? interesting huh?

  93. adolf hitler Says:

    yeah it was the english and americans that actually threatened us

  94. adolf hitler Says:

    but the jews did nothing

  95. haider ali Says:

    you could have anything peace like the rest of you leaders you chose evil things

  96. marcus jackson Says:

    i heard he seen his 100th birthday

  97. George Clooney Says:


  98. adolf hitler Says:

    you douche

  99. kailen Says:

    some very sad people post here. Hitler should never have gotten as far as he did. The English, French, Americans and Russians are to blame for appeasing his every violation of versailles. Thank God he was such a poor military leader or we would all be proxies of his brutal regime. and the world would be a much more cruel place then it is today.
    Shame on you people who flock to his banner. Hate will solve nothing, only bring pain, destruction and misery the likes we saw in post war europe. the only reason you hate Jews is because you hate your own situation. you can oppose the Israeli occupation of mandate palestinian territory without turning to anti semitism. but best not even bring it up because if you hate Jewish people… i doubt veery much if you have anything in your heart for the palestinians.
    love not hate
    peace not war
    Hitler is dead. his 1000 year reich lasted not even 20. He is the most infamous figure of the century by far. he made poor decisions. His ideology was riddled with illogical conclusions born from hate and his own inferiority complex. He is a stain on the history of germany, europe, and humanity.

  100. adolf hitler Says:

    kailen i dont agree withyour post because I wasnt a poor military leader so until you know what it’s like taking over some countries and control one of the worlds most powerful armies in history you can’t judge anything until you have experienced it heil me and fuck you guys

  101. adolf hitler Says:

    by the way you suck who are you saying you suck to

  102. eirys Says:

    Because of you I hate Germany.Really,thanks for creating World War II you ass hole Jew hater.You could of chosen a different path,you could of realized what death really is you fuck face son of a bitch.Imagine all those people you killed were actually German spies.Not so happy now,right?!

  103. Daniel Says:

    Nah not really. 😉 Glad he’s gone.

  104. Joselyne Vasquez Says:

    Sad man… he will never rest in peace..I hope God forgives you

  105. Christy moore Says:

    U were a Jew too u dumbfuck!!

  106. Christopher Says:

    Thank you for being dead , i hope you a bunch of demons around you and torment forevere!

  107. Christopher Says:

    if hitler did something good for this world was his own dead.

  108. Richelle Says:

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  109. Australian Bloke Says:

    You will be missed by millions, it’s a shame you couldn’t finish the job :(. I hope someone with balls like you steps up to the plate next soon.

  110. mario boulet Says:

    We miss you, my dear fuhrer!

  111. Adolf Hitler Says:

    And I…Had…the time of my li-i-i-fe…and i always gassed the jews before…and i swear…it is true…i only have one ball and screw all thee jews…ive been gassin, shooting suckin all your jewish cock suckin ladies, they shout “Adolf’s inside of me”

  112. Adolf Hitler Says:

    I made…anne frank my biiiitch…before i cooked her and ate her skin…the end. and that is why my moustache is so awesome.

  113. Think about it Says:

    Maybe he was right. Look at how the world is now because of the Jewish influence on the world…. Politics, Hollywood basically all of Hollywood actors, directors,producers, would 911 really have happened if we were neutral with the Muslims, and not siding/supporting/supplying with and for Israel, Payback is a bitch for betraying Jesus Christ. In the end it it happens this year of 2012 I’m betting that the “Jews aka the spawns of Satan” will reign over the true Humans ( Christians, Muslims, etc anything but Jewish) unless we take a stand against them now… Before its to late….

  114. Heanes Says:

    Very true mr. Think about it.

  115. Adolf Hitler Says:

    my hands are staind with infadel blood

  116. Adolf Hitler Says:

    Well. i hate every jew

  117. Larry Says:

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  118. Dr Riefensmoker Says:


  119. Adolf .Fredrick Hitler Says:

    Naaah! Hitler was fucked up in the head and much more
    signed bob aged 9

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