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Abraham Lincoln

Born: 1809-02-12 - Died: 1865-04-15
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth in the balcony of Ford's Theatre.

Who was Abraham Lincoln : 16th. US president, the first of the republican party, led the Union to victory against the Confederate States of America, thus preventing the partition of the US. Also decreed the abolition of slavery.
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35 Signatures in Abraham Lincoln's guestbook

  1. Trish Says:

    Thank you for signing the Emancipation Proclamation. You made it possible for blacks to be free and a part of the U.S. as citizens. You also made it possible for a black man to become president of the United States.

  2. Sam and Grace Says:

    HEY! hey u didnt make the president black unless ur his mother…President Bush made it happen! and the Republicans made it happen!

  3. anonimo Says:

    We all miss you, you were a great president.
    Your old friend.

  4. BarbaraPintinio Says:

    Truely one of the best-ever president that the United States of America ever had…..Thank you for all the things you did…..God bless!

  5. :) Says:

    I loved you in the Whitest Kids U’ Know skit. Now ya fucked up! Now you HAVE fucked up!

  6. tit Says:

    my balll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. your mom Says:

    get a job asshole

  8. kira Says:

    hahaha know one likes u

  9. hello Says:

    you suck!!!!!

  10. sridivn Says:

    no even knew u looser u suck monkey balls

  11. Alex Says:

    i admire u

  12. j o y Says:

    im being you for dead and famous!!!!! go abe!

  13. Boss man Says:

    Negros were able to live free. Well they do, they get 3 free meals at school, food stamps, welfare checks and medical cards and housing.
    They ain’t enough room in our jailhouse for all of them crackheads and ho’s so now dey shotin eachother for home turf to pimp and sell dope.
    You screwed up Abe, shouldda just gave em a free ride back to the jungle.

  14. charles lincoln Says:

    Boss man what are you some type of redneck racist? it plain to see that you are an ignorant type of no life who is stuck in asshole mode. you coward bitch. I know you would not talk that that stupid shit if you were in a black persons face. you would get the shit beat out of you. you little punk. you gay fuck.

  15. Erica Says:

    Hello All,
    Please read each comments made in the guestbook and respond only after you understand what is being said. Sam and Grace, I am talking about you specifically. Read what Trish said and then you can understand how your answer is a true indication that you did not read thoroughly before responding. Oh, Mr. Lincoln, no disrespect, but I bet you were a great president at the time you were in office. Thank you for your contributions to our country.

  16. James Boland Says:

    I really like pictures of Abraham Lincoln. There’s a nice one of him reading the paper if you check out lincoln-shitting dotcom. Abe was a fine president.

  17. The south will rise agen Says:

    Charles Lincoln. If they shot that nigger loveing Lincoln befor 1861 we would no have a nigger for our president

  18. Anonymous Says:

    1 person likes you. I guess you weren’t that great…

  19. Oh, man. Says:


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  21. george Says:

    i was a fan of abraham good prez

  22. Thomas Says:

    It troubles me deeply to acknowledge the constitutional right which our great presidents gave affording the idiot the right to freedom of speech. Because as we can see in many of these comments, those idiots exercised that right to speak stupidly against an intelligent president’s response to the inhumane and unjust slavery of a race of black people.

  23. Mary c Says:

    If Lincoln did not die he was going to ship them back. He wrote a speech called scourge of a nation. The speech was about sending the blacks back and how detrimental they are to society hecwas right guys. So thank John booth for our nigger problem.

  24. Jazmyn Russo Says:

    I might do a project on a very speical guy and his nickname was Honest Abe. You guessed it it is Abe Lincon.

  25. giosue floyd Says:

    i have read a book about you.

  26. giosue floyd Says:

    you played a big role in history:(

  27. mario boulet Says:

    I liked your participation on that episode of Star Trek. Are you going to do some more TV appearances?

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