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Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Born: 1979-01-16 - Died: 2001-08-25
Cause of Death:
Airplane Accident

Death Summary: Aaliyah, 8 more passengers and the pilot, died when the plane (Cessna 402) they were traveling in crashed shortly after taking off in the Bahamas. She was 22.

Who was Aaliyah Dana Haughton : R&B Singer, Actress and model.
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185 Signatures in Aaliyah Dana Haughton's guestbook

  1. robert simmonette Says:

    what a lovely voice and she was so young

  2. daisy Says:

    r.i.p beautiful angel x x x

  3. Fabienne Christopher Says:

    Rest in Peace Babygirl:-)

  4. lakeyia collins Says:

    oyu will be missed but i will allways love youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lakeyia collins Says:

    love u liyah babygirl fly like a angel like u rr

  6. Keri Says:

    I wanna cry every time i think about her and the plane crash



  8. Jasmine Says:

    Aaliyah, I can’t believe how long it’s been since you’ve past away. We all miss and love you. Even though you’re far away, your music still lives on for everybody to hear. R.I.P. Aaliyah Haughton. I will never forget you…you’ve inspired me in so many ways.

  9. Serenity Says:

    Well i was barely 1 years old when you died but ive heard your voice and its so beatiful at this age i am currently a 11 about to turn 12 next mounth febuary 28 and i am very devistated your not here iloVee you <3 , Rest in peace BabyGirl

  10. schylar Says:

    i was reading your biography because im doing a powerpoint about you. Aaliyah i almost cried reading the part about your death and that the pilate was drugged up. i miss you alot. You passed 6 days before my birthday. Rest in Peace lovee<3

  11. tatyana Says:

    ommg you are my role modell. I LOVE UUUU!!!

  12. randall calloway Says:

    aaliyah words can’t really say how i feel bout u, but what i will say is that u where taken from us too soon baby gurl, i still think bout u from time to time..i love u, so much more than a singer to me….

  13. judith Says:

    rip u will be miss

  14. dominique Says:

    you will be truly missed .. i love your videos .. every time i watch them i say i cant believe she is gone .. and she is very pretty .. R.I.P <3

  15. Tangela Williams Says:

    Aaliyah.I am one of your bigest fan.R.I.P.

  16. Suprima Says:

    aaliyah u are my biggest inspiration i will always luv u idc wat no one says ur my favorite singer i will miss u ur one n a million luv u rip liyah/babygirl

  17. shana t. edwards Says:

    aaliyah was like a unoun sister that i ever had

  18. jahlil Says:

    rip i miss u nd i love u always

  19. dede Says:

    beautifil individual , true angel on earth she was . !

  20. Jazzmyne Says:

    We all miss you BabyGirl !

  21. nafia Says:

    sorry you had to go so soon.. you will always be remembered and missed! i love you aaliyah dana haughton!

  22. michelle Says:

    you were taken too soon and are now singing in the choir of angels

  23. Damian Says:

    You are that entity that cannot be touched. You are a dream that will not be forgotten. Your legacy will live on. Eternally 22. You smile, your style, so fly, I can’t deny. I feel that many of the songs written basically about you. You are that Somebody. You are More than a Woman. You will always be One in a Million

  24. Mariesa Huthwaite Says:

    Aaliyah had the voice of an angel.

  25. Aaliyah Yisrael Says:

    My mom loves your music; I was named after you.

  26. frank flores Says:

    I looooove you aaliyah my heart goes out to you an your family and I will always love you and your music been listing to you since i was 4 you passed when i was 7 rip …..:(

  27. Andrei Says:

    R.I.P. Baby girl!You’ve been a great artist.Your voice was the one of an angel.We miss you soooo much.
    Greetings from Romania

  28. Myasia Says:

    Aaliyah the day you was gone i was hartbrokeen. You are a angle with god. Now how munch we want you back we all know you belong in haven with the 8 angles who die with you.Your Legacy live on forever we still love you and love your music you left behind

  29. Jennifer Ruby Han Says:

    Rest in Peace, Aaliyah Dana Haughton,
    for you have inspired me by your work of music and acting.
    I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me and I hope to see you in Heaven. <333333

  30. playa Says:

    u went against the pilot and loaded more, u silly woman, u are just a singer, so i guess u asked for it,

  31. becky garrison Says:

    how could blame aaliyah she had no idea that it was going to happen maybe the pilot should have not been drinking and doing drugs so it was pretty dumb of him r.i.p. aaliyah dana haughton


    we miss you and you will forever be the best singer in the world

  33. shelly plant Says:


  34. JaQuisha Says:

    I miss you babyqirl &i cnt believe u qone so u nvr come bck not anymore.i love u so much in my heart so u will watch over me anqel a better place<3

  35. Miyeah Says:

    I Wish I Would Have Got Just One Chance To Meet You , You Were My Idol And I Still Want To Grow Up An Be Just Like You .. R.I.Paradise Aaliyah <3

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