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Vic Morrow

Born: 1929-02-14 - Died: 1982-07-23
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Morrow was acting in a scene for Twilight Zone: The Movie when he along with two children (ages 6 and 7) were killed when a helicopter from the scene lost control and crashed.

Morrow and one of the children were decapitated by the helicopter blades and the other child was crushed under the helicopter's body.

The deaths of the children brought up questions of child labor laws, and a case went to court for over a decade. Among the defendants were Director John Landis and Producer Steven Spielberg. They were not of course acquitted of involuntary manslaughter. Lawsuits were settled out of court with the parents of the children as well as Morrow's children.

Who was Vic Morrow : Victor "Vic" Morrow was an American actor who had appeared mostly in televsion shows such as Charlie's Angels, Mission Impossible, and Magnum P.I. just to name a few.

He had two children, one of which is actress Jennifer Jason Leigh.
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57 Signatures in Vic Morrow's guestbook

  1. david moore "big daddy dave" Says:

    great actor..sorry for the loss.

  2. Nicole Says:

    how horrific!Landis should have been put in prison.

  3. Mark L. Baade Says:

    one of my favorites, his horrific death was no accident it was damb shame. I hope the event haunts Landis.

  4. Mark L. Baade Says:

    one of my favorites, horrific is all that comes to mind

  5. sidney Says:

    I really enjoyed you Vic in the series combat.It’s tragic how you had to go but,I’ll always remember you as a fine actor.RIP

  6. Dakota C. Brown Says:

    Vic morrow know as SGT.sauders in combat i loved that show and i wish he was still alive to come to the reunion in September 25, 1998. RIP

  7. Dick Marsh Says:

    I’m 52 now, but never missed a “Combat” TV show watching with my Dad, Collecting the DVD Series now. I played Vic with us guys in our own Combat world in the back yards. I still miss Vic.
    God continue to bless his soul.

  8. leonard sturgess Says:

    dear vic morrow this leonard sturgess i was only 1yearold when you dead i am so sorry that happen to you it should happen to you you was my fav actor i miss you vic morrow i hear you good father and good actor yes it no accident it was damb shame you have dies rip vic morrow and two young kids to i go go where it happen to i hope you watch over for me i need help you be my angles vic morrow plz vic morrow i love combat tv show you made me happy when see face god bless you and you family and landis kill you and the young kids why he have use kids that why why vic morrow landis go go prison i know it was no accident rib vic morrow

  9. TonyS Says:

    …was my favorite – we argued who would be ‘him’when playing Combat as kids… great actor…

  10. Bob Swartz Says:

    My dad and i always watched combat together,my dad worked on his home. He said he was a hell of a guy,one of the great shows of all time. RIP

  11. smokey sixx Says:

    I remember you. Loved your work on Combat

  12. JP Says:

    What a tragic end to a Vics wonderful life and the tragic end to the lives of 2 young children. God bless you all, Vic you died doing something you loved, and the 2 children were so excited to be in a movie. Safe into thy haven O lord, In heaven they rest at last.

  13. John H Says:

    Great actor. Have good memories of my dad and I watching Combat back in the 60’s.

  14. Jim D Says:

    Vic – wonderful actor, in so many roles. Always strong performance, always convincing – extremely talented. The way you passed was tragic. I watch the movie often to see your last, great performance.

  15. Kurt Trimas Says:

    I have watched all 5 seasons of the movie, and it is on ebay and amazon. What an actor, irreplaceable.
    Combat movies don’t get any better than this series. Landis should have been hung. The chopper should have never been allowed to hover so low to the ground.while pyrotechnics were going off. It brings tears to my eyes sometime, because Rick Jasaon another great loss and Vic Morrow should both be alive today. Doc I think he comitt suicide too, what ever happend to him. Pierre Jalbert is still alive I think, is Kirby alive , he loved his BAR. And Little john is he alive today? Would like to hear from some of the fans on the yahoo combat fan group,and here. Take care ya all. Semper Fi

  16. Kurt Trimas Says:

    Landis should have been hung on site, for telling the chopper pilot to fly so low to the water, while pyrotechnics were going off. What a flippin retard.

  17. bethdt Says:

    i was a teenager when Twilight came out and did not realize till recently that such a tragedy had happened on the set guess i was wrap up in my own teen world i recently watched the movie on cable and the write up on the guide mentioned vic’s death during the filming i looked it up on the internet and saw the footage(not gross but disturbing) i felt terrible that this had happened and i knew nothing of it now i have a whole different outlook on landis he was truely careless well i do remember morrow from other shows and he was a great actor what a terrible loss i can’t stop thinking about it it has been haunting me for several days now i will be praying for vic and the children



  19. Rob Mccord Says:


  20. Ingrid Smith Says:

    I love you Vic, for ever, for me its alive.

  21. Allan Nix Says:

    Morrow/Sgt. Saunders was a childhood hero of mine. What a tragic death, a death that could have been easily avoided with a few safety precautions. Landis is primarily culpable, his special effects technician less so. I still cannot believe that Landis got off scot free. His gloryhounding and gross negligence were clearly responsible for the deaths of three people. He should have been jailed and permanently blacklisted in Hollywood.

    Mr. Morrow, I used to watch Combat! with my dad and as I result I feel an emotional attachment to both you and the series. You and those two poor kids deserved better. Landis was/is a scumbag.

  22. Veronica Silva Says:

    Vic Morrow tuviera la edad de mi padre si viviera, hubiera sido un actor de la talla de Robert de Niro, Clint Eastwood.

    Combate era un reflejo de su personalidad, creo yo, tengo entendido que él dirigió esta serie, mostraba su humanidad, valores en medio de una guerra inevitable, ahora estás con Dios. Hasta siempre querido Vic Morrow o Sargento Saunders.

  23. Connie Cuellar Says:

    May you and the children forever rest in peace, in the loving arms of our Father.
    You all will forever be remembered.

  24. Charles R Harrington Says:

    I admired him as an actor & an American

  25. Pam Giron Says:

    My husband met and played music with Vic Morrow in the movie “The Glass House” made in the prison at Draper Utah. We have a tamberine(memorbillia) that alot of the actors from the movie autographed. Including Vic Morrow, Joe Gannon,Roy Jenson,Dean Jagger,. My husband Danny Giron said that Vic spent the night in block “B” jammed with a harmonica, with his group at the prison. We are interested in getting donations for the tamborine, in order to help build a church.

  26. edwin meese Says:

    An avoidable accident, no excuse.

  27. robert lesslar Says:

    What shame he had to die that way.I enjoyed watching the combat series.He was a damn good actor.

  28. Phillip Beckham Says:

    VIC MORROW’S death was awful, he was such a great
    actor and person ,Iwatched COMBAT on t.v.and
    him at the movies

  29. Tom Curry Says:

    We miss you Vic
    Combat was the best

  30. Michael Morrow Says:

    You will be missed.I wish I would have known you.

  31. silvia Says:

    Volví a ver al sgto Saunders en un canal que pasa viejas series y recordé que en mi niñez y adolescencia disfrutaba viendo las hazañas de aquellos soldados y el sgto era mi héroe, obvio era mi amor platónico de aquella época( creo que lo sigue siendo),sgto siempre estarás en mi corazón.

  32. Chong Says:

    If this had happened in Malaysia, Landis, Folsey
    and Spielberg would each have gotten at least
    five years in the slammer.

  33. Cesar Miller Says:

    Vic Morrow was the absolute coolest character on tv.I watched Combat avidly as a kid and now collect the dvd series. I cried when I learned how he died. RIP Vic Morrow, you will never be forgotten.

  34. Chris Pearson Says:

    Saw a clip of the accident many years ago, first real touch on the horror life has for real. Very sorry

  35. Alfredo Jara Says:

    “Combat” was the tv series that changed my life.Most of the episodes had stories that were really touching and mind blowing and were wondefully performed by one of the best tv ensemble casts I can recall.And of course Vic Morrow was there, a superb actor,who deserved more recognition since he was so talented.His death was so deeply felt by many people and made me think why he had to go when he had a lot give.You will never be forgotten Vic.

  36. Pamela Osburn Says:

    So cruel. Such a great loss.

  37. Giovanni J San Filippo Says:

    One of the greates actors of his time.

  38. Deborah Thomas Says:

    I can’t believe it has been 29 years since the tragic accident that took the lives of Vic Morrow and the two beautiful children, the memory of this will always sadden our hearts.
    To me Vic Morrow was an actor who wasn’t afraid
    to show himself through his performances. The emotions he could convey with a look or a touch made his acting so real,he could tug at ones heartstrings.
    I have read and listened to many interviews over time in regards to those who knew and worked with Vic, what I concluded was that he was a generous person who was well respected and loved, he was a quiet achiever who did not steal the spotlight but instead was encouraging to those around him. How wonderful to be remembered that way and how wonderful for those who were helped and encouraged by him. I guess there are many actors today who would have been influenced by Vic Morrow.
    We are fortunate that we can still admire his outstanding array of work, his passion for his craft will linger on through tv and dvds.
    Vic you left this world to early, you will always be remembered.
    My love and prayers are with you x x

  39. joe martinez Says:

    Remember a lot of roles played by Vic. I noticed one thing, and that was he was a great actor. Saftey first is the rule. I can not imagine a more horrible death for anyone. Those kids.. I mean come on they were just babies all of that could have.. should have been avoided.

  40. Ronald Cozzi Says:

    Was a great actor.
    Landis and Spielberg should of been sent to prison.

  41. bill shanks Says:

    What can you say but you miss his presence in film and television. It does’nt seem like three decades. Vic Morrow was one of those actors that when you were watching him you got caught up his words, but particularely his expressions, he said so much with his face. I saw him in an episode of Rifleman a couple of days ago, and it reminded me of how believable he was when playing any charactor.I hope some of the pain that his family and the families of the two children has quieted a bit and I wish all of you the best. I did not research the children’s names out of respect for their families, however if the families divulged that info I would be happy to just know their first names. I still say a little prayer for all of them.

  42. Dave D. Says:

    Still watch Combat today, he was one of my favorites!

  43. Jack Says:

    My condolences to Vic’s family. Loved watching you in the Combat tv series. You were one of my favorite and great personalities and actor. RIP, Mr. Morrow.



  45. Redadie Says:

    I just read the a ten page review of the trial against many of the people involved in this terrible tragedy that killed Morrow and those two young children. Not only did Landis and others not serve any time for illegally using children at night and around explosives, but they got off Scott free for 2nd degree man slaughter. No guilty verdicts, no time served. What a loss of a great actor and what a terrible ordeal the parents of those children have experienced since. My condolences and heartfelt sympathy to all those who lost loved ones.

  46. Jani Says:

    The point is that it was an accident…Landis nor Spielberg would’ve gone to jail for something that was a freak accident. Morrow was a pretty good actor & blessed us w/Jennifer Jason Leigh who’s a great actress/director:)

  47. Jani Says:

    Pyrotechnic accidents and human error on movie sets happen all the time…it’s happened hundreds of times. We lost Brandon Lee to a movie set accident as well.

  48. Patti Shoemaker-Scudder Says:

    My heart goes out to the families of Vic Morrow & the 2 children who lost their lives. Vic Morrow is one of my favorite actors & I love watching the old Combat reruns. Just got thru watching Combat in color for a Memorial Day tribute. RIP Vic

  49. CEM Says:

    Very tragic snd unneccessary. I loved him in Combat.

  50. Sharon R. Frazier Says:

    Mr. Victor Morrow is one of my mom’s favorite actors. I also am a fan. He was a naturally gifted actor. I loved him in “Combat” and many other shows. It was a tragedy what happened to this gentleman. The best and most interesting always leave us too soon.

  51. Lee Caren Says:

    An extremely intelligent man. He was an awsome person who knew his profession (acting)well. One of the best character actors that ever lived. Vic always gave his best acting performance in any show or movie he was in. It is a shame that he was never really honored or appreciated by hollywood. The world lost a true gem on the day Vic died so tragically. He will not be forgotten.

  52. pete lehr Says:

    vic was a great actor. a real cool cat god rest his soul amen

  53. pete lehr Says:

    a great actor had a commanding voice tough as they come god blessed him! AMEN!

  54. dwald Says:

    Vic Morrow was one of the BEST! He was a wonderful actor in everything he did! I’ve seen him in several movies & tv shows & am still on a quest to see the rest of his work. He was so sexy..just oozing w charisma! A stupid, careless, AVOIDABLE tragedy claimed the lives of a truly talented man & 2 innocent children. May they rest in peace.

  55. Paul Johnson Says:

    I will never forget him in his star role as Sgt. Saunders in the hit series “Combat”. His death left a terrible void in the movie industry. He is greatly missed.

  56. Gerd Rein Says:

    Vic we worked together on several Combat episodes. You always remembered my name, I hope you rest in peace.

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