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Sam Kinison

Born: 1953-12-08 - Died: 1992-04-10
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Kinison perished in an auto accident when his Trans Am was hit by a drunken teenager in a pick-up truck. His wife was survived, but his body was later revealed to be full of drugs.

Who was Sam Kinison : Samuel "Sam" Burl Kinison was a pentecostal preacher turned vulgar stand-up comedian, who was known for his screaming antics and controversial material that bashed Christianity.

He had a reputation for drug abuse and hanging out with L.A. rock bands. He is said to have been an influence on the appearance of Kevin Smith's Silent Bob character.
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65 Signatures in Sam Kinison's guestbook

  1. Evad Nosrednas Says:

    You got it wrong. Sam was clean when he died ~

  2. admin Says:

    Not according to the LA Times.

  3. Donnie Manues Says:

    Boy it would be cool if you were my gaurdian angel (Married w/Children episode)

  4. RANDY BOWEN Says:

    one of the best comic’s ever love and miss you SAM

  5. Mike James Says:

    Sam you are one of the greatest,much love to your family on there loss.the world will miss your comedy.

  6. Emily Coffee Says:

    I’ve been wondering about Sam’s death; does anyone know specifically what killed him? Was it internal injuries, impact to the head, or something else? Most accounts say that after the crash he got out of the car and was standing up, then his friend got him to sit down.

  7. Actor Says:

    The late Sam Kinnison got it right with God upon being injured/ in his car accident. He relayed one last prayer to God, before he died, this according to his new wife. Simply put he asked of God in Christs name to be simply forgiven, it is that easy people,,,,

  8. Actor Says:

    One last comment on Sam,,,,though his humor was edgey he got it right about the condition of those who call themselves pastors and christians, lets forget the (hypocrisy) and just live it!,,, in all (honesty)so simple,,,,stop the preaching and start the living,,it,,,Peace to you all,,,

  9. EmeritusX Says:

    We miss you Sam

  10. Brian Says:

    Thanks for the laughs.

  11. Bobbie Painter Says:

    I am writing this in memory of my mother, we had many great laughs watching you. Even though you both R gone still I can remember great times of the both of you…
    love you Sam
    Love you Mom may god bring the best for both of you, may we have many more Laughs..
    Till we meet again…

  12. Daniel Groulx Says:

    Sam was a true comic genius. very prolific and fluid. What a loss his death was. love you Sam.

  13. Don Gates Says:

    To this day I still injoy playing the old sam comedy records

  14. KC Says:

    Too bad he had to go vulgar and his screaming was so annoying.

  15. Mrs. Henry Says:

    I certainly hope Mr. Kinison was able to repent for turning his back on God. For all who know what happened at the accident sight, that should let you know God is real, whether you know it now or at the time you realize you are dying. Get saved now while you can.

  16. SADIE Says:

    One of the classics!He took his role as a preacher and used the experience to pull off one of the most classic stand up comedy acts that kept people coming back for more. Absolutely one of the funniest comedians.

  17. robert parker Says:

    dear sam i stood on the road were you were killed i saw the spot were you layed and i lite a candle for you .you were great thank you .

  18. lisa garner Says:

    I saw you at Bally’s in Reno, Nv shortly before your death. I still have your ticket stubs to that show. What a tragic loss. I miss your comedy and still laugh everytime I hear your routines..Rest in Peace Mr.Kinnison

  19. grim Says:

    sam the crackhead was hit by a drunk kid. we blame the drunk kid. hate to be him. we probably made him a crackhead. good job team.

  20. Bob Says:

    Bashing Christianity after being a preacher …?
    Perhaps not such a good move, huh ?
    I thought he was annoying anyway..
    oh well. See ya later.

  21. Danny Wright Says:

    Hey Bob………….me and Sam wanna say …….FUCK YOU BOB!!!

  22. Danny Wright Says:


  23. Danny Wright Says:


  24. Jason Says:

    Sam.. thanks for the laughs man, you taught the world the right way to treat a woman.

  25. Russell porter Says:


  26. Russell porter Says:

    Sounds of kinison by Fred Norris

  27. Rose B. Says:

    God spoke to you the day you died. At first you didn’t want to go….but finally you listened, and was called home to be with Him. You now know what the glory of the Lord is all about.

  28. dcarver Says:

    sam was the absolute best!!!!! i miss his talent!

  29. sherry saultz Says:


  30. Stern,H Says:

    Copied Don Rickles pretty well

  31. Kathleen Says:

    Sam Kinison was an absolute comedic legend, whether you liked his stuff or not. I believe that when he died he was clean and sober, it was actually a pick up truck that crossed the center line which caused the accident. Sam threw himself on his wife to protect her, so despite his sometimes vulgar comedy, deep inside he was a great human being.

  32. David Claussen Says:

    When I was growing up I loved his sense of humor. he did & still makes me laugh cause it is all about THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL THESE DAMN WOMEN…LOL

  33. CARL Says:

    I remember one skit where he asked the audience if they had been screwed over recently by a spouse and one chick had caught her husband screwing her sister on the dining room table. He had her come up on stage and called the dude long distance live. Then after first being polite he let the guy have it both barrels live on stage on the phone! I laughed harder than I had ever laughed in my life. Truly great moment in comedy!

  34. The Bake Says:

    We don’t have to imagine Christians murderously and enthusiastically sanctioning killing and maiming via the instrumentality of the state, it has been one feature of just about every Christian sect since the religion was popularized. Currently in the United States, the best of the group are “merely” deluded and one on one often pretty much harmless, while the worst are cannibal hypocrites who’d like to force their demonstrably clueless religious beliefs/political structures on the rest of us, with a self-selected Christian fascist cadre sitting in power above us.

    There’s a lot more poison from religion than good if we’re talking about organized religion, something Kinison was able personally to testify about.

  35. all4fun73 Says:

    Found out today Sam has a daughter who is 21! She was born after he died.

  36. Mike Says:

    Yeah um, if Sam has a daughter who is 21 and he died in 1992, she was born well before he died. Otherwise, she would be about 19 year old right now.

  37. Ron Hawn Says:

    opened a new dimension to stand-up

  38. Tom from TN Says:

    His body was not “full of drugs” when he died as this article states. I read the other referenced article where he had two PRESCRIPTION meds in his system, along with cocaine. Do I give him a pass for this? No. But let’s report things correctly. He used to do the stuff every night, but would only do it once very few months when he would be “sober”.

    That said… I miss your comedy, Sam.

  39. neal kinison Says:

    this is my uncle

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but there are a lot of hypocrites in the church but make sure YOU are not one of them, especially those who are living double lives, SICKENING!

  41. richard Says:

    what would the world be like with out this bringing out the shit in everyones life and making us all laugh at it AWAHAAAAA!

  42. James Walls Says:

    I hope you made it to Heaven Sam, you were pretty funny. RIP Buddy.

  43. duke Says:

    Years after your passing a lot of people has still acknowledged u. So n r thoughts u havent left us. We’ll c u again soon.



  45. David C. Says:

    Sam, We miss you man. Your with us always and you are remembered. R.I.P. (Rock in peace)

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  47. Jeni Dodge Says:

    we miss you

  48. Robin Puckett Says:

    I miss Sam. His act has never been supassed by anyone.

  49. Christopher Matthews Says:

    He was one of the funniest people that I know. I miss him so much. I love you, Sam.

  50. Richard C. Says:

    Been gone for 20 yrs, and you still rock!!!! And to all the naysayers: OHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  51. cam chow Says:

    In memory of the greatest comedian ever!
    i got to see SAM live.leader of the banded tour.he did his bit about being
    screwed over by a women.he picked me out of the croud. balcony..and i got to talk to him live.but i did not have her number, so he could call her live. i will never forget that.forever missed..

  52. Barbara Forrest Says:

    RIP you were the best.

  53. Eric Says:


  54. jesse m Says:

    Miss you Bro :(

  55. Peet Says:

    Sam! I miss you greatly! You were the best out there! and you were human, It was 20 years ago today, and I am still saddened!

  56. EBL Says:

    http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/04/rip-sam-kinison-he-died-20-years-ago.html RIP Sam.

  57. susan malagrino Says:

    there were & are a lot of good comedians out there, but none have even come close to you in style, the way you dissect some of the insanities of everyday life, & your obvious gusto of the philosophy “I did it my way.” I’ve watched your dvds over & over, especially when i need a little emotional pick-me-up or jump-start, & I think I probably will do so for a long time because it works for me.
    We were actually born just several mos. apart; I
    recently became a grandmother, but I’ve always loved the outrageous,at which you were masterful. You left us way too early,sam,& thanks to dvds &
    U-tube, your talent & memory lives on. RIP & may
    God bless your family.

  58. vic Says:

    he was the most annoying comic.not funny at all.like that sweat hog Chris Farley.loud and stupid.

  59. PAM VALENZA Says:


  60. Patti Says:

    You are missed….

  61. Dena Cannon Says:

    Sam, your the best !

  62. Justin Bechner Says:

    You are being torrmented in he’ll right now alongside the souls of Hitler, Dahmer, Bundy, Gacy,.

    The angel of Death appeared to you after tbe crash. You blasphimied the name of Jesus snd lost Gods protection and favor. Your untimely death should serve as a reminder to all not to cuck with God and Jesus.

  63. LES GUY Says:

    introduced to sams comedy by american friend many years ago. still love his act today..

  64. Leon Jonjock Says:

    Great talent – great human being –
    he made us laugh – that’s what fans wanted-
    Thanks Sam for all the moments with you –
    Leon / Comedy Zone Jacksonville

  65. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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