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Jimi Hendrix

Born: 1942-11-27 - Died: 1970-09-18
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Jimi was found dead by his girlfriend, Monika Dannemann, on the morning of September 18.
Apparently Jimi died asphyxiated on his own vomit after taking 9 sleeping pills. Although there are things about his death that are not very clear and raised other theories about this death.
The official cause of death given by the coroner was inhalation of vomit after barbiturate intoxication.

Who was Jimi Hendrix : One of the greatest rock guitarist of all times.
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28 Signatures in Jimi Hendrix's guestbook

  1. Rob Says:

    And the wind cries…Jimi

  2. GARY D. BRYANT Says:

    I was stationed in Vietnam when I heard to tragic news of Jimi’s death and was completely stunned. Jimi was definitely the greatest guitar player that I had ever heard and his music I can relate to even to this day! I sure miss him and I am sure that there are legions of others that feel the same. He was the master of feedback and master of the fender stratocaster! God Bless him!

  3. james black Says:

    the greatest guitar player i ever heard

  4. R J McMahon Says:

    Jimi was too good for this world. He was a true axis and a prophet. His art lives on.

  5. Bells Says:

    Bye bye. My bro says hi.

  6. Peter Cooper Says:


  7. Dale Pluskett Says:

    RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATER,Morrison,Co.,1968,Heir apparent,Soft Machine,Vanilla Fudge,Jimi Hendrix…ASS KICKEN CONCERT….UNTIL…HENDRIX throws guitar Down and says…F*#! Ya’ll ! and walks off stage. Really Threw A Turd Into Everybody’s Cheerioes. RIOT? OH YEAH..Last Rock concert there for a couple years. I was there..Good Times

  8. Jaymie Graefer Says:

    best guitar player in the hole world!

  9. carlie Says:

    love his music .

  10. Sarah Says:

    was a very, talented musician and was a very expressive peron at that.

  11. donnie newell Says:

    cut down by the scum bag who managed him.listen to the lyrics ..same way you shoot me down ,you’ll be going just the same ,three times the pain.and your own self to blame.machine gun….
    his managed died a horrible death in a plane crash..hmmm

  12. Nic Wheeler Says:

    I saw Jimi all 3 times he visited San Antonio Tx. The 1st was good but the 2nd & 3rd were GREAT! Mainly because I got to meet & party until sunrise with him and actually did some roadie work. My very f\1st job was to get his Strat out of the truck & carry onstage in front of his amp. I remember it well. It was in a cardboard box with a paper tag hanging off the tuners that read: Jimi Hendrix. A cardboard box! With this blond neck sticking out. I remember walking & watching that paper tag spin in the wind & thinking to myself “God? Please don’t let me forget this” And I haven’t. I’ve worked for 3 Dog Night, Jeff Beck, & The Rolling Stones, but Jimi was hands down the Best! Most personable & knock-down funnyiest celebrity I’ve ever met!
    And imagine my surprise a year later, when he returned & upon seeing him in the hotel lobby not only did he remember my name, but what albums we had listened to!! Indeed the Wind Cries. Damn we miss you Jimi, the silence is deafening.

  13. carlos orantes Says:




  15. Phillip Serpetti Says:

    He was truly one of the greats, That never had the chance to hit his full potential…

  16. Jack Robinson Says:

    He is the coolest cat in the box

  17. y.r. Says:

    Greatest Guitarist ever!! Truely inspiring to visit his grave. His RIPNAV ID #58028. Use GPS to visit him.

  18. y.r. Says:

    Greatest Guitarist ever!! Amazing gravesite, always full of visitors. His RIPNAV ID #58028.

  19. Famous deaths, funny quotes | I wouldn't be caught DEAD wearing that! Says:

    […] “It’s funny how most people love the dead, once you’re dead your made for life.”  Jimi Hendrix. […]

  20. Smoky Joe Says:

    Rock on man. for your time is now.

  21. billy lee jones Says:

    jimi was my best guitariest when iwas a kid now i also playguitar i hope jimi had a word with god before his death my his soul rest in peach

  22. billy lee jones Says:

    i hope jimi got right with god before he died guitariest billyjones

  23. Kevin Paolo Says:

    Im your fan!! Thanks for inspiring me =)

  24. Kevin Paolo Says:

    Im your fan!! Thanks for inspiring me =) Godspeed

  25. Ernie Rodriguez Says:

    I carved Jimi Hendrix 1967 on the stage at Monterey where their American debut was performed…anyone can find the pics, which I did online. I just looked up Jimi Hendrix carving and sure as you know what, there it was. Made me feel really good!!

  26. Ted Says:

    I love you more than any other musician in the world (other than Kurt)You are one of the most influential guitarists and have always helped me keep going.

  27. N'Ghandi Hede' Says:

    what can be said of one of The Infinite Intelligence’s messenger’s. I’ll meet you in the next world and I won’t be late and The Gods made LOVE.

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