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Genghis Khan

Born: 1162 AD - Died: 1227-08-18
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: The cause of his death is uncertain.General belief is that he died of wounds sustained from falling off a horse.

Who was Genghis Khan : Mongolian conquering prince, who united the mongolian tribes and carved out an empire stretching from estern Europe to china. To this day he is venerated in Mongolia as the father of the country.
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  1. Ngaire Phillips Says:

    Enjoyed the film Mongol, especially the scenery, and learned something more about the Mongolian customs

  2. Ngaire Phillips Says:

    N.M. Philliips

  3. HolySmokes Says:

    Wait whats this page about

  4. mrs.gonzalez Says:

    this page gave me only one sentence of the mans death!!! now how is that going to help me do a report??/

  5. Ariana Says:

    I love this, I’m telling everyone about this!!! ūüėÄ

  6. patricia Says:

    this page doesn’t help…it sould give us more information…otherways we(students) cannot do our work:(

  7. Megan Says:

    i completely agree with Mrs. Gonzalez & Patricia. psh. like one freakin little sentence will help those of us striving for an A? geez.

  8. Jas Sandhar Says:

    I thought he died while having sex. It is true.

  9. MANDI BEAR Says:

    actually he died during sex.I’m not kidding either the orginl reasoning of his death was unknown but he died during sex

  10. mohsin Says:

    one of the greatest military master mind leader who rose to ruler of almost known world from a slaves brilliant

  11. Jenna Says:

    !!!i am writing a paper that is due tomorrow i need more than one sentence!

  12. Me, Oreo, & Equinophobia « positivelyBLEAK Says:

    […] a¬†living, breathing thing, and all I¬†could think of was the fact that William the Conquerer and Genghis Khan are both rumored to have died from horse-‚Äčrelated acci¬≠dents. Once I¬†was in the stir¬≠rups and […]

  13. Evie Says:

    Hey, since i only needed the day he was born and died, im not that mad…

  14. Gerald O'Hare Says:

    A genius leader without guilt or limits.

  15. phil mccrothch Says:

    this sight sucks

  16. mike hawk Says:

    i agree with phil mccrotch

  17. phil mccrothch Says:


  18. what evaa Says:

    like this helps as stated before this does not help! more information please some students alike myself trying for a good mark to pass history this is just a sentance atleast a paragraph please

  19. Kimber Says:

    he died from falling off his horse after trying to defeat the tangut tribe. it was more of fatigue and internal injuries than any of the other things said^^^

  20. andrea Says:


  21. alex Says:


  22. Richard Verreault Says:

    Mange d’la marde osti chin-toc

  23. Celine Says:

    You r ma hero.

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  31. mark christian Says:

    In this Page I have an Idea What are the cause of death of genghis khan the Great conqueror of that their time.

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