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Alexander Graham Bell

Born: 1847-03-03 - Died: 1922-08-02
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: He died in 1922 in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Who was Alexander Graham Bell : Inventor and Scientist. He is best known as being the inventor of the Telephone.
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43 Signatures in Alexander Graham Bell's guestbook

  1. kim Says:

    wass up i will remeber u

  2. Bubbly Says:

    You were Awesome! You are deeply missed, as is Phar Lap, a great horse. Remembered whenevever I pick up a telephone

  3. grim Says:

    edison saved youre ass. hello is this thing working?

  4. alexander mcqueen Says:

    doing research for school

  5. Bridget Says:

    Hey thanks for the telephone

  6. jaymyn Says:

    hi i think i no bridget

  7. jack g Says:

    wtf r u all saying he didnt invent the telephone retarded fuck heads

  8. hannah Says:

    thank god for the phone ur a real bad ass i love u for inventing this u smart ass

  9. ari gerardo Says:

    alexander graham bell wroked and if u no any more information please rite back

  10. Albert Einstein Says:

    Alexandre yuu dumb homo myinventions were wayyyy better then yuur hahahahah!!! nigga

  11. Albert Einstein Says:

    haha ur inventions suck!! I invented wayyy more things than u XD

  12. yeppers022 Says:

    hey, i just wanna say tht i is awesome & tht ur awesome!!….but not tht awesome!!
    go big blue!!


    i <3 u all!!!!!

  13. bubbly Says:

    you are the best inventor & thanks for the telephone

  14. yazzy Says:

    hey i feel soory that u died but thank 4 enventing the teleiphone it turned to lots of things like ipods and mobiles lolz

  15. you Says:

    If he is alive then we could tell him all the thing we achieve with his work

  16. Alexander Graham Bell Says:

    I will miss him for sure

  17. christie Says:

    sorry u died im thinking of u !!!!!!111

  18. christie Says:

    im sorry u died thanx for inventing the telephone !!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  19. Chelsea5747 Says:

    I will always remember you.

  20. jessica Says:

    will always remeber u for inventing phones

  21. brianna Says:

    l0l omg thanks for inventing the telephone omg without out it i would be bored as hell at home lmao thnks again

  22. Alex Says:

    we will miss you so much you were like family down in scotland bye

  23. Shirley Says:

    This is your best Choice For u And Your Family


  24. brandon alexander rohde Says:

    you are deeply missed….you are the inventer of the 1800’s-and the 1900’s dude!!!!!!!!!!!!invent in the heavens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i will remember you always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!forever… amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  31. Devyn Says:

    Im having issues with your navigation in Chrome


  32. shaikha Says:

    Hi, I’m big Impressed about Alex not just for the a phone, i very impressed when he open school for deaf people and married deaf women. I’m from Dubai and my teacher ask as to write about one great sentience and i choose to write about him and I’m inspire about his life story.

  33. shawn Says:

    he did a good thing now i got a 4g phone thinks dr. bell im 10 years old

  34. Josh Says:

    Thank you for inventing the telephone. Your findings changed the world.

  35. Jessie Says:

    The tetrahedron kite is Awsome

  36. Zara x Says:

    hey, you are such a genuis, you invented the telephone, RIP!

  37. mario boulet Says:

    Say Alex, can you do something about the abusive rates for telephone service?

  38. ian Says:

    Great invention.

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