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Catherine E. Coulson
Erik Roner
Yogi Berra

Catherine E. Coulson was an actress best known for her role as Log Lady on the show Twin Peaks. Besides that and the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, her filmography includes The Amputee, Femme Fatale, Another You, The Four Diamonds, and the shows Psych and Portlandia.

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Erik Roner was an “action sports” star and was featured on MTV’s Nitro Circus. He originally went to BYU to play soccer, but went on to make a name for himself in skiing. He was featured in major ski films and appeared on numerous magazines including Powder, Skiing, Outside, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, […]

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Yogi Berra (real name Lawrence Peter Berra) was a Major League Baseball player, manager, and coach. He played catcher for the Yankees from 1946 to 1963 before playing for the Mets in 1965. As a manager, he worked for the Yankees in ’64, then for the Mets from 1972 to 1975, and again for the […]

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Top 5 Dead: Music Professionals
Selena Quintanilla
1971-04-16 - 1995-03-31
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Mama Cass Elliot
1941-09-19 - 1974-07-29
FDDB Listing - Guestbook - 43 Signatures
Paula Goodspeed
1978-??-?? - 2008-11-12
FDDB Listing - Guestbook - 37 Signatures
Gregory Hines
1946-02-14 - 2003-08-09
FDDB Listing - Guestbook - 102 Signatures
Stevie Ray Vaughan
1954-10-03 - 1990-08-27
FDDB Listing - Guestbook - 156 Signatures
Did you know...
Catherine Coulson was known for Twin Peaks, but also appeared in David Lynch's short film The Amputee. Catherine E. Coulson's Death
Erik Roner went to BYU to play soccer. Erik Roner's Death
Yogi Berra died on the same day - September 22 - that he made his debut in Major League Baseball 69 years earlier. Yogi Berra's Death
Peggy Jones was known as the Queen Mother of Guitar Peggy Jones's Death
All 32 of Jackie Collins' novels appeared on The New York Times' Bestsellers List. Jackie Collins's Death
In addition to playing guitar for REO Speedwagon, Gary Richrath wrote many of the band's songs. Gary Richrath's Death
Frank D. Gilroy won both a Tony and a Pulitzer for his play The Subject Was Roses. Frank D. Gilroy's Death

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