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Don Pardo
Jay Adams
Edith Flagg

Don Pardo was a radio and television announcer best known as the guy who said “It’s Saturday Night Live,” and announced the cast on the show for many years. Even after retiring from NBC, he continiued to provide voiceover services for the show. He was a member of the Television Hall of Fame. During his [...]

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Jay Adams was an American skateboarder, though of as one of if not the most influential of all time. He was part of the legendary Z-Boys skating group, and was the subject of the much-acclaimed 2011 documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys and the subsequent dramatization of his story, 2005′s Lords of Dogtown.

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Edith Flagg was a fashion designer and philanthropist, who was most recently known to appear on the reality television show Million Dollar Listing, advising her grandson, Josh Flagg. She was also a holocaust survivor.

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Top 5 Dead: Music Professionals
Selena Quintanilla
1971-04-16 - 1995-03-31
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Paula Goodspeed
1978-??-?? - 2008-11-12
FDDB Listing - Guestbook - 37 Signatures
Mama Cass Elliot
1941-09-19 - 1974-07-29
FDDB Listing - Guestbook - 43 Signatures
Gregory Hines
1946-02-14 - 2003-08-09
FDDB Listing - Guestbook - 102 Signatures
Stevie Ray Vaughan
1954-10-03 - 1990-08-27
FDDB Listing - Guestbook - 156 Signatures
Did you know...
Don Pardo announced SNL from its inception until his death. Don Pardo's Death
Edith Flagg was a holocaust survivor. Edith Flagg's Death
Robin Williams had a cocaine addiction in the late 70s and early 80s. Robin Williams's Death
Jim Brady once served as a staff member in the office of Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen. Jim Brady's Death
Dick Smith was given an honorary Oscar for his life's work in 2012. Dick Smith's Death
John Fasano was developing a remake of Chariots of the Gods before he died. John Fasano's Death
James Garner joined Martin Luther King Jr. in the "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom." James Garner's Death

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